Don’t miss International No-Diet Day!

chocolateMay is National Strawberry Month (as well as Hamburger Month, Asparagus Month, Salad Month, and Salsa Month), and my mind naturally turned to one of the celebrated foods of love – chocolate covered strawberries. Of course I would take a perfectly healthy fruit, which tingles the taste buds and makes a beautiful appearance in its natural state, and advocate dipping it in a calorie-laden, high-fat food, designed specifically to please the palate in every way. Come to think of it, that makes perfect sense. Chocolate is a tasty metaphor for those first giddy months of young love. I’ll let you ponder that on your own.

The really good news is that today is International No-Diet Day. Folks, that’s an international day, not just a national day. It’s practically a mandate! In honor of the day, I’m going to ditch the strawberries (too healthy) and go with the chocolate. Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, so I can have what I want all week. Right?

Here’s my chocolate drabble, and it’s true!

She loved him beyond all reason and thought she knew him better than she knew anyone else, but when he presented her with her Christmas present, she was truly puzzled. A gift bag full of Hershey kisses? That’s my Christmas present? Oh, well. I love him for his beautiful soul and sweet spirit, not for what I can get from him.Hershey kisses

He was unusually excited and eager when he gave her the bag, so she smiled, trying to please him.

“Kisses? Thank you, Boo! I love chocolate, and kisses from you are always wonderful.”

His delight showed in his smile. “The kisses are not the gift, silly. Look in the bag.”

She raked her hands through the candies and found a box and a card. The card read, I know how much you love kisses, so here are 356, one for every day I’ve known you.

When she opened the box, she found a beautiful watch, and she adored it, but she realized that the true gift was a loving man who would think of such a way to present it to her. All that was left for her to do was to find a proper way to express her thanks, and she did.


10 thoughts on “Don’t miss International No-Diet Day!

    1. Robin Helm Post author

      That’s what I’m here for – to give you valid reasons to eat what you want and enjoy it! Ha!

      Thanks for stopping by, brownieblog.


      1. Susan Kaye

        Normally I have no willpower, but when there is a chance to be internationally contrary–which suits my nature just fine–I think I have to take the plunge.

        Don’t you?

        Maybe tomorrow I will declare it to be International Broken Diet Day.

        Wait, I better see if there’s a day for that already.


        1. Robin Helm Post author

          Show the cosmos what you’re made of, Susan! I’m cheering for you. (Now where did I put my apple crisp?)


          1. Susan Kaye

            Okay, I had breakfast–Cheerios and milk–and now dinner–we eat at noon–so it’s just the equivalent of lunch this evening.

            The eyes of the world are on me. *gulp*



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