Let Them Eat Cake

I thought this was an appropriate food picture for this blog:

Sprinklebakes Jane Austin 12th night cake sprinklebakes.com

One of the few foods mentioned in Persuasion is cake. Mrs. Musgrove uses is it to keep her grandsons in line. We assume she gives it as a bribe for good behavior, but maybe it’s heavy and dangerous when used incorrectly.

And then there’s the scene in Mollands in the latter part of the book. But, Austen was not prone to describing things like the light dancing off the candies fruits, or the smells of pastries mingling with coffee, etc. In the book, there isn’t even a reference to Elizabeth Elliot’s love of marzipan as in the 1995 version.

Oh well, we move along to the most romantic month, June.

Romance and weddings are in the air.

And in this day and age you can bet things will be a little wacky and tech driven.

Take care–Susan Kaye



3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Robin Helm

    I love that cake, Susan. I have it pinned on Pinterest. In fact, I have an entire board of cakes!

    Yes, I’ve been saving up the weirdest proposals and weddings I can find. I’ve already posted my Jedi wedding.



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