There’s A Reason For That

USPS_emblemSunday night I ordered something from Amazon and was told the estimated delivery date is Friday. I thought, great, that gives me plenty of lead time. I like to track my packages and most websites, particularly Amazon make that simple these days.

Anywho, I looked today and the package was at the Post Office yesterday. We pick up our mail from a box just five miles up the road. However, the package for some unknown reason was shipped off and is resting somewhere approximately 50 miles north of here.

There’s a reason the USPS is circling the drain.

UPDATE: Well, progress. The package is now about 30 miles east of here. I’m thinking it will arrive BACK at my local PO about midnight. We’ll see.

UPUPDATE: The above was Wednesday. The package arrived at my local PO at 6:21 AM yesterday. (Thursday) It has yet to be scanned and marked as delivered. That would mean it is in out PO box waiting for us to pick it up. I’ll have my husband stop on his way to work, but I am not hopeful. If we don’t get it today, we will have to wait until Monday as there is no package pick up on the weekends.

The lesson for me is that if I can throw a couple of bucks at UPS or FedEx, I will from now on so that I can get my stuff.

Again, the USPS is circling the drain for a reason.

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “There’s A Reason For That

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      The wheels of cosmic justice grind exceedingly slow but also very fine. You do a poor job and it will catch up with you.


  1. Robin Helm

    Well, incompetence will do you in eventually. Some people get by with it for years, especially in the government bureaucracy.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      There are so many layers of the bureaucracy to get through that it can take generations. But as I said to Gayle, the worm of cosmic justice will find you out. As you said, eventually.



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