Style Sweeties in Similar Shirts

Nancy Featherstone sewed her future husband Donald a short-sleeved shirt about thirty-five years ago. After they were married, she kept making him shirts and began to stitch matching shirts for herself. Soon, she was making her husband and herself complete matching outfits, and they now have four wardrobes of matching, coordinated clothing.

Kind of sweet, though a little strange

Kind of sweet, though a little strange

Nancy recently told The Guardian that the outfits have brought them closer together. They wore the matchy-patchy coordinates even when he used to travel for business. In fact, they have an entire closet dedicated to flamingo patterned clothing, because Donald created the pink plastic flamingo in 1957. I suppose that constitutes mixing business with pleasure. You must be the judge of that.

As hokey as this might seem, I think it’s cute and really sweet, though I wouldn’t do it. It works for them. Who am I to judge?


4 thoughts on “Style Sweeties in Similar Shirts

  1. Susan Kaye

    Bill and I might as well say we dress like this on purpose. The chances of catching both of us in jeans and a grey/black/dark T-shirt at any given time is very high.


  2. Robin Helm Post author

    Right down to the pink flamingos, right? By the way, I think the dog should have a matching outfit.



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