14 Years Ago Today

a huge piece of Persuasion Fan Fiction began to take shape:

crownhillwriters.com 2013-7-4 8 49 39

Click graphic to go to Love Suffers Long

This got to be the centerpiece of our lives for a couple of years.

If you’ve never read Love Suffers Long and Is Kind, you should. We have improved as writers, but the storytelling is still first-rate.

This is a high-angst piece so please, if you have a weak heart or just HATE to see the canon of Jane Austen … rearranged, go slowly.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Take care–Susan Kaye




6 thoughts on “14 Years Ago Today

  1. Laura Hile

    Love Suffers Long represents my absolute first venture into the land of fiction, so if you decide to read it, it’ll be a Reader Beware event!

    However, my love of twisting a familiar tale off its axis (and making the reader like it, ha!) began with Love Suffers Long. After all, why read a story (especially a fan fiction story) to which you can guess the ending?

    We broke many hearts with this mammoth what-if tale, for the world of fan fiction was young. Susan Kaye wrote Frederick Wentworth’s side of the story, and I wrote Anne’s.

    One of these days I ought to resurrect the man who became my favorite hero, Captain Benwick, for a series of mysteries or something.

    But that’s a project for another summer. Right now I’m working on a manuscript that I said I’d never do: A book with Darcy as the lead. You read that right, DARCY. But as you know to expect, the story is spinning well off its Austen axis.

    Poor Darcy. And Poor Mr Collins!

    I must get more chapters under my belt before I can start posting. Stay tuned.


    1. Laura Hile

      Thanks, Gayle.

      I’m finding Darcy to be intelligent, opinionated, and usually right. And, he does not say everything he thinks. But WE get to hear it all, every lovely morsel! He shares a love of snarky observations like another Austen character dear to my heart—Elizabeth Elliot. Yes, Darcy is proving to be fun to write.



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