Thoughts on a Wedding

I attended a wedding today. I even know the groom:
BenAndJess-2Ben Lyons is the son of my co-blogger, Laura Hile. I’ve known him since he was about two. I took care of him one night when our families attended church together. He was the only child in my care that night. He was scared to death of me. Big, big eyes and lots of blond curls wearing overalls over a red, white, and blue striped shirt. He fell into my lap once and nearly beat himself up trying to get away from me. I don’t hold it against him because all kids are bothered by me. I don’t give off that “MOM” vibe.

Anyway, Laura looked great. The mother-of-the-groom dress was beautiful. (I didn’t see the shoes.) She looked tired but happy. We didn’t stay for the reception. I figured there were so many people and knowing LL she’d take it upon herself to talk to them all. She knows me and doesn’t need to do that. I am the low-maintenance friend that comes and goes without much notice.

I think most of us who are married and attend a wedding can’t help remembering our own. I was shaking. Everyone told me after that my skirt was like a flag in a stiff breeze, blowing back-and-forth. I also fluffed the ring part. The minister eventually told me to let Bill put it on because I think he feared my first wifely act might be breaking my husband’s finger.

One other thought. My daughter is getting married on Monday. It will be a small affair in a judge’s chambers. There will only be 12 people in attendance. Her wedding will be even bigger than mine! I think it’s interesting that both Laura and I are each sending one of our kids into the married realm within 48 hours of one another. (BTB, Bill’s brother was married on the 19th of August, 1972. Now their anniversary will be pretty simple to remember.) This is just another similarity about the two of us.

So, congratulations, Laura. You have a lovely new daughter-in-law. You and Don looked happy and proud of the son(s) you’ve nurtured and put into the world. Our lives go on a pace. We write, we stop for a time, and then we begin again. And the cycle of rising and falling will go on with our children.

If you have any thoughts on marriage and the joys of life in general, let us hear them.

Take care–Susan Kaye


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