So how come

I swiped Robin's graphic for obvious reasons

I swiped Robin’s graphic for obvious reasons

…I heard the sound of a doorbell at 6:16 AM? We don’t have a doorbell.


4 thoughts on “So how come

  1. Wendi Sotis

    Hmmm… strange! Did you have company over the weekend who’s phone slipped out of their pocket and into the couch? (Yeah, that’s happened to me.)

    Or maybe the TV was on? (Aside: They really should have a special TV show doorbell sound that doesn’t drive dogs nuts, thinking someone is at their own door!) 🙂


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Nope, no guests’ wayward phones, no TV, nothing. Just a clear-as-a-bell (no pun intended) doorbell.

      I do have tinnitus and hear voices occasionally.



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