Summer colds

I am completely at a loss as to what to blog on. I’ve had a 5-year cold/fly that has keep me sweating and coughing for going on two weeks now. I’ve had just enough energy to get on FB and snark now and then but not much more.

thIn honor of the date, 09/12, (American rendering) here is the following is from Persuasion. Chapter 9. Line 12: “…The Musgroves could hardly be more ready to invite than he to come, particularly in the morning, when he had no companion at home, for the Admiral and Mrs Croft were generally out of doors together, interesting themselves in their new possession, their grass, and their sheep, and dawdling about in a way not endurable to a third person, or driving out in a gig, lately added to their establishment.”

A 70 word sentence that tells us Sophie Croft wasn’t about to sit around the house and entertain her little brother.

Good on her. And good for Frederick for not sitting around pouting.

There is not much worse than a pouty guest.

Take care–Susan Kaye




4 thoughts on “Summer colds

  1. Gayle Mills

    Allergies, congestion, exhaustion…. The list goes on and on. The 12-hour work days aren’t helping either. Yes, we have had two open-house-stay-until-7 PM days in the three weeks we’ve been back in school. I have contacted all of my 60 parents twice, updated all of the math standards to common core, and written new updated lesson plans for the three different courses I teach. Now I’m working on my RTI’s (Response to Intervention, I think). I’m still not too clear on what I’m supposed to do here. Supposedly, we have green, yellow, and red kids. We have to give the yellow ones extra help. I’m willing. I’m just not sure who they are. I go to school an hour early and I stay two hours late almost every day. I just can’t get it all done anymore.

    We haven’t had a raise in six years. In fact, with the payroll tax reinstated this year, I clear $140 less a month. I will find out next week how much more Obama wants for my health care. Of course, I have no choice but to pay it. I have a feeling I’ll be needing it soon. And, Michelle said I had to be willing to settle for a smaller piece of pie so that everyone could have some. Remember? Right now, I want some of these people with all the “free” things to volunteer some time and help me get all this work done that I’m supposed to do.

    And, I have a student that I need to meet who’s is going to need my assistance at his home for the rest of the year. I have to do all that I can to recover salary that I’ve lost because even though I’m making less money, the power company and the grocery store haven’t gotten that memo. They think they should be charging more.

    I know, complain, complain, complain. Yep. I’m doing a lot of that lately.

    Aren’t you glad you aren’t a teacher?


    1. Robin Helm

      On a lighter note, those two in the pic are my favorite Admiral and Mrs. Croft.

      I had my flu shot yesterday. I seem to get sick in the winters I don’t take it, so I went for the needle.


      1. Susan Kaye Post author

        I don’t get flu shots and I’m thinking after this bit of plague, I’m probably immune to everything. I can hope anyway.


    2. Susan Kaye Post author

      The funny thing is, I attract teachers. All my friends are teachers. I’m not, and after your elaboration, there’s not enough money in the world to induce me.

      Also, everyone I know is on tenterhooks, waiting for the next shoe to drop, With all the shoes dropping lately, it’s like we’re living in an octopus squared.



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