My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Miley before her tongue became a trademark.

Miley before her tongue became a trademark.

All the media types I’ve seen recently are saying we hoi polli are talking about nothing but MILEY.  And this blog proves that her antics at the VMA Awards has had long tentacles.

I’m not writing about twerking, or whether Miley & Thicke are the new Frick & Frack, I’m writing about Daddy Issues.

<—- She’s got some serious ones, but I’m curious about DI (Daddy Issues) in the world of Austen.

Lizzie and Jane of P&P make reference to the disrespect they see in their parent’s marriage. This I’m sure affects their view of men in general. Emma and Mr. Woodhouse. Enough said. Elizabeth Elliot is the only of the Elliot daughters Sir Walter has any use for and so I have to wonder how well balanced THAT relationship is.

"Yes, it's pierced, right about"
Laura Hile and I have talked a lot about Anne’s choice of Frederick Wentworth being very typical. Early chapters of Persuasion make it clear that Lady Elliot was drawn to Sir Walter’s handsomeness and then had a serious case of buyer’s remorse when his physical charms could no longer mask his character flaws. So, Anne is drawn to a handsome man.  (We all are, but women have a wider margin of what constitutes “handsome,” and will fall in love with average men who can tell a great joke. Like I did.) Thankfully for Anne there is more than just a pleasing pelt in Captain Wentworth.

I have to wonder if Mary hypochondria is due to neglect on her parents’ part, or just the lousy English weather? And is Elizabeth inability to find a man Sir Walter’s doing or is she just waiting for her father’s doppelganger?

Are there other Austen girls with Daddy Issues you can think of?

I’m thinking Lady Susan might be a textbook all her own …

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “My Heart Belongs to Daddy

  1. Gayle Mills

    At least Anne and Elizabeth had fathers to have issues with. So many girls today don’t. Although Anne’s Sir Walter was short on support and responsible for the retrenchment of his family, Elizabeth’s Papa Bennet was at least able to provide some stability of home and hearth, not that he ever put himself out to make her future secure.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Anne’s only support after her mother died was from Lady Russell, and after the Frederick Summer that was probably strained. Fortunately, Lizzie Bennett is intelligent and sees her father for what he is. there is stability, but it is minimal at best.


  2. Robin Helm

    I think the three younger Bennet daughters had DI of their own. Mary was ignored and withdrew into her own world. Kitty became a hypochondriac, and Lydia – well, what can I say? She’s MILEY all over again.

    Elinor had to be both mommy and daddy, and Marianne was the spoiled daughter of the elderly gentleman. Definitely DI with Marianne. She finally married a Daddy figure.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I think the image of Lydia metaphorically twerking her way across England is humorous in a tawdry way.

      And yes to Marrianne and Col Brandon. So, does it last? Or when she gets to be about 25 or 30 does she start resenting his aging and changing interests?



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