Barbie skates on her ticket.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about “average” Barbie, so today, I thought you might like to know that Barbie is more than a little like the rest of us. She got a parking ticket in American Fort, Utah.

Police spotted the vehicle in question, a battery-powered Barbie Jeep, in the road in front of the house of seven-year-old Autumn. She and her nine-year-old sister had left it on the sidewalk. How the Jeep made the transition from the sidewalk to the road is still under investigation.

Barbie's abandoned vehicle ticket

Barbie’s abandoned vehicle ticket

The girls’ father found the Jeep the next morning, adorned with a bright orange “abandoned vehicle” ticket.

“Unfortunately I have received my share of tickets,” their dad said, laughing. “This is definitely my favorite ticket that I have received.”

It seems that the police love Barbie, too, and wrote the ticket as a joke. Since their dad is sympathetic, the girls won’t lose their pink ride.

A police department spokesman said, “We would hope that people would appreciate the fact that we’re there in their neighborhood and we’re looking out for them and their property.”

Well, yeah. Next week some crook could decide to break into Barbie’s Dream House, townhouse, or condo. Lock up that ‘vette, boat, and motorcycle, Barbie!

Barbie carI’m a tad peeved. Normally, an abandoned vehicle is towed, but I guess the beautiful, rich, and famous are in a different category. I smell a coverup – Barbiegate.

In retrospect, and from my lofty perch as a conspiracy theorist, I’ve begun to think this was a set-up from the get-go. The ticket was issued to “Barbie,” not the owner of the vehicle, simply because Barbie’s name was on the door of the car. Maybe this is a case of authorities picking on a celebrity. The back of my car says “Honda.” Shouldn’t they have to take my next speeding ticket? Hmmm…..


10 thoughts on “Barbie skates on her ticket.

  1. Susan Kaye

    Ha! In Portland Oregon it took years of harassment to get a warm-blooded officer to even take a stolen car report. Most of the time it’s an insurance matter between you and your agent. They just give you a voucher saying they heard about it and that you are now on your own. Burglaries are the same way from what I hear. But let it be a celeb and everyone wants to get close to stardom!


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      This is all over the news. After I heard about it, I Googled it for more information, and there were pages of stories. Really? Are we that desperate to feel good?


      1. Susan Kaye

        I think this is the news cycle’s sugar rush. My local news is full of this sort of thing. More than half the time, they put up these bitsy stories from the internet that I’ve seen days earlier. And then they say they don’t have time to do in depth news because people’s attentions spans are so short. (And have intellectually cratered.) *sigh*


        1. Robin Helm Post author

          I’ve always thought there should be a weight limit (as well as an age limit) on wearing spandex or black leather. Sadly, I have passed both.


            1. Laura Hile

              Yoga pants? I couldn’t agree more! Mine are worn to the gym only. (Lookers, beware, at the gym). I think dear Georgene Rice made the spandex comment in the years before yoga pants became mainstream. Bicycle shorts were all the rage then…


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