Here’s what the set looked like before:


Flickr // levanah

Now the set looks like this:


Have you ever broken something and THEN found out how much it meant to you?


Take care–Susan Kaye

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18 thoughts on “And then there were three

  1. Gayle Mills

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a replacement. I used to sell lots of depression and 50’s glass at antique malls. I may even have a set of those somewhere in one of the many boxes stacked in my spare bedroom. Sorry you broke yours. It’s like losing an old friend, isn’t it?

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Thanks, Gayle. All the replacements I have seen online are crazy expensive. I bought a replacement for the big yellow one years ago and it was $20. I thought that was outrageous but got it as an anniversary gift for myself.

      If you see one for cheap, let me know.

    2. Laura Hile

      Ah, garage sales. Yes, those are a luxury I do not usually allow myself. See, I have so much stuff hanging around here that needs to GO. I will keep my eye out for the red bowl when I go to Value Village…on half price day.

      Sad to hunt for gently-used clothes (skirts, Levi’s jackets) at a thrift store, isn’t it? But to wait for 50% off day? Ha. A younger generation thinks it’s invented “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but we know, don’t we girls? :D

  2. Robin Helm

    I hate it when I find that my husband has gotten creative with something I’ve had for 35 years – like the time he knocked the knob off the top of my Corningware casserole lid so that it would fit in the refrigerator better.

    Sorry you broke your bowl. It’s a little like losing an old friend, isn’t it?

      1. Robin Helm

        Come on. You know you’re not surprised. That casserole dish was a wedding present. He redesigned the lid at least ten year ago. Grrrr!

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Great, your husband and mine are brothers born of different mothers. My husband took a huge and ancient enamelware turkey roaster, that has been in HIS family for generations, and drained antifreeze into it. I can’t use it now for fear of death or brain damage.

      Yes, I was v-e-r-y angry when I found it.

      1. Laura Hile

        Husbands and their blessed practicality! Years ago I caught mine with the best knife in the house–a nifty Henckels paring knife, small and well-balanced (a wedding gift from my chef cousin)–that had mysteriously gone missing. Yes, it was in his TOOL BOX–with the tip of the blade nicely bent. He couldn’t see why I was upset

        I’m sorry your bowl broke. And such a great color, too. :(

        1. Susan Kaye Post author

          This one of those, “taking all thoughts captive to Christ” issues in our marriage. Lots of practice at giving grace.

          Rasafrasamurf …

  3. Sophia Rose

    My mother had one of hers broken. It took me three years, but I bagged the replacement at a garage sale and shipped it to her. I felt like the ‘queen of the world’.

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      It’s always wonderful to find something someone wants, and snag it unexpectedly. A twofer of the highest order.

      Well done, Sophia!


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