Batting Clean-up for the Week

We are gearing up for the Christmas season here at Jane Started It! so this post will be higgledy piggledy at best.

A few days ago I started messing with the gravatar for JSI. That’s the tiny avatar in the left-hand corner on the black ribbon just above the page. What you see probably looks like a green eye with a BIG pupil. It’s not.

samp0dd37471f1fdb2d0It’s supposed to be a silhouette of Jane Austen lying in a just-opened box. I’ll be fixing that to something Christmassy in a day or so.

A few days ago, Robin Helm bought a copy of that epic, cancelled-before-it-got-started SciFi adventure series, Firefly. I was reminded that I once did a post comparing Frederick Wentworth to Mal Reynolds. (You can read that HERE.) I’ve decided they’re both my favorite captain. Yeah, there is no number agreement in that sentence.

UPDATE: In honor of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite scenes in Everybody Loves Raymond:

Whether you live in the U. S. and celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, the sentiment is a good one to employ on any given day. Look around, take stock of the people and places that make up your life. Be thankful for them, and be thankful for the things that are coming. It is an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone good.

Be careful of you go out on Black Friday. It’s gonna be scary out there.

Take care–Susan Kaye


4 thoughts on “Batting Clean-up for the Week

  1. Robin Helm

    I got the whole FirefIy series for $5.99! Sheldon Cooper talked me into it. I’ve never watched it, and he always speaks of it as if it was an epic sci-fi series. Gotta go with Sheldon. Maybe I’ll watch it this weekend.

    I’m not going out on Black Friday. Mel ordered what she wanted for Christmas online yesterday, and I already have Mandy’s. I have very little left to buy.

    Now I just have to put up the Christmas tree and a few decorations. Ugh.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      My fave episodes are on the last disc: “Out of Gas” and “Ariel.” “War Stories,” is a great one showing the sacrifice of a leader. The final episode is brimming with the writers’ intentions for the characters and their story arcs, but the execs at Fox, not so much.



      1. Robin Helm

        Just did my “Black Friday” shopping online. I wanted a camera, so my husband found a great “Black Friday” deal on Amazon. I’m still in my pajamas, and my shopping is done. Ha!


        1. Susan Kaye Post author

          For some unknown reason, my husband wanted to go out on Black Friday. *wide-eyed stare*

          I noticed far more blank looks than ever before. I guess a lot of people were thinking, “that Robin, she was smart in staying home today.”

          I was able to get most of my minimal Christmas shopping done so it wasn’t a loss.



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