Peppers or Horses?

chocolate-covered-jalapenos-3023Valentine’s Day is drawing near, so I went looking around the web for gift possibilities. I had my eye out for something that is not the same old thing.

First I discovered this unusual treat: chocolate-covered jalapenos. They’re touted as perfect for one’s Valentine, being both hot and sweet.

Um, okay. Definitely different. (Have you tasted these? I think I’ll stick with strawberries.)

And then I stumbled upon Trotify, a device that makes your bike sound like a horse.

Trotify-2-537x358Yes, you read that right, like a horse. (Who thinks of these things?)

And how great is this? Because it’s a gift for someone who has everything!

Even a nerd, for some assembly is required.

Perfect for the hipster, recalling the charm of urban horsemanship without the fuss or bother.

Just right for the history buff too … if she rides a bicycle. And doesn’t mind a making little noise.

Golly, what would Jane think of this whimsical device? (What would my school principal think, if I rode my Trotified bike through the halls?)

So which would you prefer to receive for Valentine’s, the pepper or the horse?

Before you answer, watch the little video.


9 thoughts on “Peppers or Horses?

  1. Laura Hile Post author

    When I showed the video to my son Michael, he pointed out that I’d have to have two. “To get the authentic horse sound.”

    He found it funny that the Trotify uses coconuts.


  2. Laura Hile Post author

    My favorite gift is a multi-pack of primroses. The front entrance looks bedraggeled, and primroses tolerate cold fairly well.

    This week we’re having our turn with the cold; it’s 23 degrees outside now, going down to 18. For us, that’s c-o-l-d.


  3. Sophia Rose

    Hmm, I’d be afraid to get a gift like that b/c then I’d spend time wondering what his motives were for either gift. Well actually, I’m pretty sure the peppers would be revenge, but the other…not sure. Too funny!


    1. Laura Hile Post author

      Those peppers are WAY too spicy, and the Trotify is too odd.

      Plain old chocolates for me.:) And living flowers … that I can plant outside my door and enjoy for months.


  4. Susan Kaye

    No one really wants a bike, it’s merely a substitute for what you can’t have. When I was a kid, we used a clothes pin and a playing card to make our bikes “sound” like motorcycles. As for the chocolate covered chilies, meh. Hot chilies (and hot foods in general) are also a substitute these days genuine masculinity. When women brag on the prowess of their taste buds, I’m not sure what that is.



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