An Assembly Such as This gains a little oh là là !

Une Telle Assemblée
A novel by any other name reads as sweet!

Une Telle Assemblée

Une Telle Assemblée

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the 10th anniversary of Pamela Aidan’s first book in the beloved  Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy than the publishing of it in French, the “language of love?”

Yes, it’s been ten years since the original self-published edition of An Assembly Such as This hit the world in book form.

Originating as a bi-weekly posting at the popular Republic of Pemberley and The Derbyshire Writers websites in the late 1990s, Pamela’s work then became available through her website, Austenesque, and later, in late 2003, as a self-published work through her own Wytherngate Press, Inc.

The Austen world exploded with enthusiasm! Soon the trilogy was acquired by Simon & Schuster.

Aidan’s trilogy as been set to audio ( and translated into Italian and Spanish. The French translation was accomplished just this past year. Book Two, En vain ai-je lutté, arrived in time for Christmas, and Book Three, Un mot de vous, is scheduled for this spring 2014.

Pamela’s working on a new “Austenesque” series that promises more Darcy & Elizabeth but even more Dy Brougham and Georgiana Darcy, as well as a new and darker take on Col. Fitzwilliam.

Keep up with her here at Jane Started It or her own blog, Traipsing After Jane.

Her trilogy & novella, as well as the anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It in which her short story appears, are carried by and Her novella, Young Master Darcy: A Lesson in Honor is also available through Wytherngate Press.

And if you should want the French version, print or ebook, try Amazon France!


11 thoughts on “An Assembly Such as This gains a little oh là là !

  1. Gayle Mills

    Enchanté, Monsieur Darcy.

    Congratulations on this milestone, Pamela. You were my introduction to the world of Jane Austen FanFiction. And through you, I met Susan Kaye and Laura Hile who introduced to me online fanfiction. Should I thank you girls for this addiction or solicit funds for counseling?

    I am all anticipation in regards to your new story.



    1. Susan Kaye

      I’m nothing like Anne Elliot who feels responsible for everything. I take no responsibility for anything. Any addictions developed while reading my product are the responsibility of the reader alone. 😉


        1. Susan Kaye

          But to admit the above might leave me open to lawsuits. Frederick used to fetch me much bigger prizes than those of late and I can’t afford lawsuits.

          I know, the solution to that is to just write some more. I know. *sigh*


  2. Robin Helm

    This series was my introduction to variations of Jane Austen’s work, and I have always loved it. I believe that Gayle may have given me the set for Christmas, but I’m not sure. Reading Pamela’s books actually had a large influence on my life, as I never would have written my own books had I not read hers. I took the series with me to the Decatur Book Festival in 2012 so that Pamela could sign them. I was a little embarrassed at how worn they were, but she ran her fingers over the covers and said, “These have been well loved.” She was right. My two daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

    The thought of having more of Pamela’s writing to read is very exciting. I’m looking forward to her new series.



  3. Susan Kaye

    I “met” Pamela in about September of 1997. I’d started reading fan fiction on Bits of Ivory (at, and her vignette, “Madam be not Alarmed” got me hooked. Then for some wild reason I got the notion in my head that I could write stories. I didn’t make any waves until I posted a story called “Plymouth.” Pamela was kind enough to send me a very complimentary email and the rest is history.

    And now you’ve got Darcy all French-y-fied. My, what a full circle we’ve trod in this business.

    Congrats, Pamela, and you have all my support in the new book. I’m itching to read a new Pamela Aidan!



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