What IS the Point of The Bachelor?

ballerinas2aTonight is the last night of The Bachelor, that dating disaster on ABC.

I don’t get it. If one man is openly dating 25 women he’s a cad, but if there are cameras, liquor, exotic (erotic) locales, and cash prizes, it becomes a social phenomenon.

Help me understand.


8 thoughts on “What IS the Point of The Bachelor?

  1. Laura Hile

    Love the picture.

    I get reality TV shows like Biggest Loser or American Idol. I can watch my favorites and cheer them on.

    Same thing with Bachelor, except the stakes are higher. And I would enjoy it more if I were able to forget that these are real women, but I can’t. The show ramps up the drama and pits one against the other. It’s like the Miss America Pageant we used to watch as girls, but on steroids!

    For it’s about more than looks, isn’t it? It’s…performance. Talk about rejection! You and I, being sensible (and not “hot”) know that handsome men are trouble, especially if they know it. Oh, the Bachelor guy knows it. And he works it, why not? He’s got a supply of hot women–a guy’s paradise–and the opportunity to build his career as a television personality. Because there is that angle.

    And we watch hoping that he chooses the “nicest” girl. But there aren’t any, not really. Because the women want to work the show business thing as well. The lure of becoming the next pseudo celebrity star is huge. And blinding. Very blinding.

    Why do we as a nation continue to watch? Voyeurism, I guess. And perhaps there’s some desire to see the pretty girls take a fall.

    The saddest version of Bachelor I ever saw—and I’ve never been able to sit through even one entire episode of any of these Bachelor-type shows–was a knock-off show from four or five years ago. More To Love, I think it was called, and it featured obese contestants.

    The overweight Bachelor they found seemed very nice, but the women–what a heart-breaker! A few of these girls had never been on a date–ever! And these, being desperate, fell hopelessly in love with this fellow. I did catch portions of the episodes as I channel surfed, until at last I couldn’t bear it.


  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    I can’t see how The Bachelor/Bachelorette is any different than the bloody Roman Coliseum. You have the endless supply of downloaded prisoners on terabytes of audition “tapes,” the roaring, bloodthirsty crowd on Twitter, and the final thumbs up/thumbs down administered by the show’s title character.

    Even if all these were the nastiest mean girls or guys from high school, I prefer their individual comeuppances happen privately and they post it on You Tube so I don’t stumble across it while channel surfing.


  3. Gayle Mills

    And the “winner” gets to marry a man that she has watched be promiscuous with 24 other women right before he declares his everlasting love for her. How is that realistic? Oh, wait, that IS what happens in today’s real life.

    The whole idea is disgusting. These people seriously need to get a life — a real life. And a real job. And a real man.


  4. frugoal

    I hate this show! Girlfriends of mine keep wanting me to watch it and I try, but I think the women are more degrading to my species than strippers or prostitutes.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Well, a woman with prejudices as deep as my own and as forthright. Two thumbs up.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, frugoal. 😉


  5. Robin Helm

    I have never made it through a complete episode of The Bachelor, much less a complete season. The entire premise is offensive.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I agree. How people stomach this show is beyond me. Though, I can see the voyeuristic appeal. I just don’t want to be one of them.



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