An Interview with Dean Koontz

As a librarian, hundreds–nay, thousands–of books cross my desk and, invariably some of them stay a while insteWisdom-Koonz01c-1[1]ad of immediately passing on to the shelves to which they are destined. One such was Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas and I have since read each one as they appear. Now, I’m not a horror fan, at least I don’t think so, and although Koontz’s work is generally categorized as such, the Odd Thomas books are something else. They hinted at something in a way I found intriguing. Then I discovered, quite by accident, that Koontz is a believer, a Christian. Wow! If THAT didn’t set me back on my heels! Hmmm. Lots to think about. Here’s a recent interview that asks some of the questions I’d like to ask him. Wish we could sit him down over a great meal and ask him some more!  Koontz Interview Click Here


2 thoughts on “An Interview with Dean Koontz

  1. Robin Helm

    I haven’t read any of his books yet, but thanks for the recommendation, Pamela. I think I would like him. Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti are two of my favorite authors, and he sounds as if he’s from the same mold.


  2. Susan Kaye

    I enjoy the Odd books. there are lots of philosophical questions thrown into mystery. On top of that, Koontz adds humor. Some of the characters are pretty farcical, and then some of Odd Thomas’s observations about the people around him and the circumstances in which he finds himself are sly and keen.

    I like Koontz’s writing in general. He has a talent for character voice so when you are reading regular people they come off real and not cardboard-ish. His villains are surprising and get under your skin.



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