I need your help!

I had a very interesting afternoon yesterday. After posting the latest chapter of Forever Yours (Yours by Design, Book 3) on BeyondAusten.com, I taught piano lessons. Just after 6 PM, my younger daughter and I went to First Baptist Church in Lancaster to do a photo shoot for Sincerely Yours, Book 2 in the series. The Accidentally Yours (Book 1) cover emphasized the Regency Darcy’s accident by showing the woods through which he was riding when his horse threw him. For the second book, I used the same template but changed the art drastically. I used the model for my modern Elizabeth – my daughter Melanie.

Cover for Accidentally Yours (Yours by Design, Book 1)

Cover for
Accidentally Yours
(Yours by Design, Book 1)

Tentative cover for Sincerely Yours  (Yours by Design, Book 2)

Tentative cover for Sincerely Yours
(Yours by Design, Book 2)

I thought I would use the huge white columns as a stand-in for the porch at The Oaks, Will Darcy’s plantation style home just outside Atlanta, Georgia. However, when my daughter and I went back through the pictures, we both decided on a playful shot which I could have made in my own front yard. We both think it expresses the personality of the modern Elizabeth – playful, independent, and unconventional.

What do you think? I know the print on the back cover virtually disappears, but I sell mostly e-books, and the back cover doesn’t show on Amazon or other sites. I can have only one font color, and the book title and author name are more important than the blurb on the back. The present font color is lime green, but I could change it to teal (to match her sweater), and eliminate the print on the back cover.

Sincerely Yours  (Yours by Design, Book 2)  book cover with teal font color and no back blurb

Sincerely Yours
(Yours by Design, Book 2) book cover with teal font color and no back blurb

I could also use the green font and eliminate the back cover print.

Opinions, please?


14 thoughts on “I need your help!

  1. Wilani Wahl

    I prefer the green and you can leave the back blurb off and perhaps put it inside the back cover or inside the front cover. When will the book be available? I cannot wait to read it. I love the picture of your daughter.


  2. Robin Helm Post author

    Thanks, Wilani! I agree about the green. It stands out more. The blurb will be up on the websites where the books are sold. I don’t have a way to put it on the inside cover. However, I’ve noticed that most books no longer have a blurb on the back cover.

    I hope to finish formatting this week and publish by the beginning of May.


  3. Candy @ So little time...

    Can you change the background color for the book blurb? Leave the photo but change the transparent white to something more solid.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      No, Candy. The Createspace template allows you to have it or delete it, but not to change it. I would take that option if they offered it. You also cannot change the size of the font. If I could make that font on the back larger, you’d be able to read it.


  4. Sylvia Claire Chan

    I like both colours but as you said green is more striking. I would love the blurb to remain in the back cover. If you can change the blurb colour to teal, I think that would be ideal with green colour as the book title.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      I’ve been playing with changing the black and gray lower stripes to ivory or white. Then the font can be black and the blurb stands out. That might be the way to go. The teal font disappears, though not as badly as the green.



  5. Laura Hile

    This cover idea personalizes the story. You’re right, Melanie is perfect for Elizabeth. She’s beautiful, but it’s the expression you captured that seals the deal.

    I advise having the back cover blurb-less. Because that lime green, so effective on the front, is disaster on the back. It makes you look like you’re an idiot at design (which you are not!), for how would a reader know about Create Space templates. We do judge a book by the cover, so it’s better to have nothing. Your promotional blurb can be on the inside perhaps?


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      You’re probably right. The black ties the two books together, and I want the whole series to match. When I change the lower colors, it really takes away from the design.



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