SC chooses Hillsong United as its favorite band.

Every state's  favorite band

Every state’s
favorite band

The Echo Nest has collected data on users’ listening preferences from across the country. By analyzing that information, they found which artists and bands are favored in each state and created a map which displays that data. The Echo Nest provides a music intelligence platform to hugely popular services like Rdio, Spotify and MTV.

My state, South Carolina, obviously listens to quite a bit of Hillsong United, a contemporary Christian band. My daughter and another young lady in our church sang this song (performed on the video by Hillsong) at our church a couple of weeks ago.

Unless I missed it, South Carolina is the only state to favor a Christian band. Maybe that makes some people think we’re backwards, but I’d rather hear music that is uplifting and inspiring than listen to lyrics which encourage me to have darker thoughts. I could live with the country music and folk bands, but Nirvana and the Grateful Dead just aren’t on my playlist. Real life is gritty enough for me. I read books and listen to or play music to lift myself out of downer mode.

Yeah, I’m a country girl with a small town life.


4 thoughts on “SC chooses Hillsong United as its favorite band.

    1. Robin Helm Post author

      I recently stopped listening to any current pop music. My dial is set on two Christian stations. I really wish they would play a more up-to-date play list. It’s like listening to Christian oldie-goldies. At any rate, it’s either that or what you’re listening to. Today’s music is getting dirtier and dirtier.


      1. Laura Hile

        I scratch my head at how often I hear songs from the 1960’s – 80’s featured as soundtracks in movies, etc. (Shrek comes to mind, but you can come up with many more.)

        Why is this? Perhaps because these songs are melodic, and have words with more meaning?

        Our Christian stations play cutting-edge releases…and our worship band then plays these same songs. And so does our chapel band at school. I wouldn’t mind oldies for a change. 🙂

        While I drive I usually listen to nothing—shocking! But I have words coming at me all day long, and I need quiet to think. For long trips I listen to audio books.


        1. Robin Helm Post author

          The older songs told stories (“Ode to Billie Joe,” “Billy Jean,” “Love Child,” and so on). We knew what they meant. They were straight-forward without too many double-edged meanings.

          Of course, “Talk Dirty to Me” is rather straight-forward, too, but there’s not much of a story there. I think music videos have really degraded today’s popular music, too. “Wrecking ball” comes to mind. Miley Cyrus is a trove of dirt.



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