I Had to Laugh … Mother’s Day Cometh

Mothers_DayI bought my mom a gift for Mother’s Day from Amazon today. She doesn’t read my blog so I can speak freely. Anyway, the gift is Season 1 of Blue Bloods, with Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. The reviews were mostly favorable though there were eight 1-star ratings.

I checked them out just to see what complaints anyone could possibly have about the series. Most of the low reviews were about a swathe of discs that went out for region two instead of one. Only one was about the show. Evidently someone was happy with the show and was glad they had bought it for a friend. The only problem was the friend consistently falls asleep before the episodes are over.

I’m still not sure how this is Amazon’s problem.

What is your favorite wrong-headed review on Amazon or anywhere else?


6 thoughts on “I Had to Laugh … Mother’s Day Cometh

  1. Laura Hile

    A season of television shows is a great gift idea. Nathan brought the series Suits (lawyer drama) when we visited my parents, and they were hooked.

    A favorite one-star review … for Charlotte’s Web:

    The cover is very cute but the contents is incredibly snoozesome, and I’m not so interested in reading about yucky pigs and gross spiders (I’ve had a spider hatch eggs in my room; it was not a pleasant experience. The baby spiders were cute until they started nesting ALL over my bed. I had to pick them all up individually and take them outside. I was there for AGES! PLUERGH!)


    1. Laura Hile

      And here’s another one-star review that brings a smile. For the early reader classic Go, Dog, Go. My very young sons loved this one.

      There is NO PLOT. And I don’t mean that there’s a very simple plot, as would suit a children’s book, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT! There are no characters. There is no story. It’s just a collection of ugly 1960s cartoons about dogs, with accompanying sentences. And the worst part is that my little brother loves it and makes me read it to him all the time. WHY?!?!?!?! I wouldn’t at all mind if he wanted me to read something like Oh, the Places You’ll Go! or Where the Wild Things Are. But no, it’s this.


  2. Robin Helm

    So, a person buys a book with a spider and a pig on it, and then becomes angry because the book features a spider and a pig. Are we even sure this person can read? Can a person that stupid string letters together for words?

    And a book of cartoons should have a plot?

    I think these folks should write the perfect book they want and read it over and over.



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