I Had to Laugh … at myself

I am a stick in the mud. I always have been. And, I’m okay with it. I don’t crave exotic travel, grand romantic gestures, or surprises around every corner. I’d be good with a modestly steady stream of dollars into my bank account and dry weather much of the year.

Burn_NoticeAs I age, I do find little things that surprise me about myself. One of them is my current obsession with a show called Burn Notice.

The story is about a spy who is blacklisted and his seven-year fight to find out who did it any why. Along the way he and assorted friends, and his mother, help right some wrongs.

I’ve always like caper stories. Not that I am big on people getting away with crime. I like the Just Desserts kind of caper where the evil doer, getting away with … well … evil, is flattened by do-gooders with skills. Burn Notice is just that kind of story.

ANY-way, my question to you all is not how you feel about caper stories, or Burn Notice–though the lead Jeffery Donovan, IMO, gives Colin Firth a BIG OLD run for his money–but have you ever started a book or a series that is way out our your usual genre and found it to be just your cup of tea?

Around our house we are HUGE fans of The Big Bang Theory, which was a show left unwatched for years before we gave in. Now it’s a daily must for my husband unwinding after work. Firefly also caught us off guard.

How about you? What book, TV show or movie has surprised you with its ability to reel you in and keep you?


2 thoughts on “I Had to Laugh … at myself

  1. Robin Helm

    We’re currently watching Heroes, and I’m watching Enterprise. They’re both campy shows, and it’s hard to get too serious while you watch them. Real escapism.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I never bought the premise of Heroes. All the insider stuff about saving a cheerleader put me off. I wanted to like Enterprise–one of the actors is from Oregon–but there wasn’t the chemistry of the others of the Star Trek franchises for me. Too bad neither of them made enough episodes to go into syndication, I wind up liking a lot of that way.



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