A Lady Never Tells

… how old she is.


(Elizabeth is 228 229years old.)

Robin: I like the appearance of the “Elizabeth” in the middle (Phoebe Nicholls). The one to the right (Julia Davis) looks too old – nearly the 228 229years she actually owns. The bad wig doesn’t help, either. However, the more mature “Elizabeth” does a better job with the part in my opinion. I especially like her little tirade on the steps of their apartment in Camden Place. “If you hurry, you might just catch him before he calls again!” Davis also smiles as she delivers the zinger about Mary being sick and requiring Anne’s attention. The faint giggle was a nice touch. Nicholls does a good job with the news that Anne has already met William Elliot. “Well, I don’t know! Perhaps it was Mr. Elliot!”

I know this has little or nothing to do with Elizabeth, but the 2007 version of Mrs. Clay is definitely the best one. She’s very pretty, and we all know that Sir Walter’s head would not be turned by the crooked teeth of the lady in the 1995 version. I never remember all the actors’ names.

Sometimes I think I’m 228 229years old. My brain has only so much room for information. What is not entirely necessary just passes through my ears and falls out.

UPDATE: Yes, this is a rerun from last year. It’s the season for reruns you know. 😉


8 thoughts on “A Lady Never Tells

  1. C Allyn Pierson

    Let me share my theory of brain function: your brain is like a bathtub…you can only pour so much into it before the information starts spilling over the top and is lost. Hope your bathtub is a really big, deep one…one with claw feet!


  2. Robin Helm

    I think you must be right. My knowledge and memories just keep going down that little safety drain to keep my head from exploding.


  3. Gayle Mills

    I think both of you have overlooked the bubbles in the tub. There goes this name. POP! There goes this face. POP! There goes that memory. POP! Of course, the things that caused you pain — those memories last forever.


    1. Robin Helm

      Or in my case, there go all the directions to places which I have ever learned. One day, I’ll wake up in my bed and realize I’ve forgotten how to get to the bathroom.


  4. Susan Kaye Post author

    I went grocery shopping this morning and found that the produce department had been up-ended. Well, the potato and onion aisles had been switched. I stood and stared at the onions (now is the “wrong” place) and realized the entire world had shifted.

    Yes, my world is very, very, very small.


    1. Gayle Mills

      You will need a new cognitive map to negotiate the newly rearranged produce department. What treachery lies ahead when they rearrange the paper products or the canned goods?


      1. Susan Kaye Post author

        I see a nefarious plot. Several months ago they rearranged the bulk foods, particularly the spices. They had a perfectly serviceable system of bins with pull-out spouts that dropped the contents into your plastic bag. NOW, the system is nothing more that flip-top canisters that require you to use a measly plastic spoon and hope to heaven you hit your TINY plastic bag. Add to the inconvenience a little age-induce hand shaking and you have DISASTER. And a mess no matter when you go shopping.

        Yeah, again, I have a very small life.



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