An Austen Father’s Day

Sunday is Father’s Day in the US. The day is mostly about grilling and golf if the TV ads be believed.

Since neither grilling nor golf were in any of the Austen novels–unless Jane had a mention or two in her Juvenilia–the question is, which of the Austen fathers be the best?

There are some who would never be in the running. Yes, I’m speaking of the fellow to the left. Since I’m Persuasion centric, I will say I think Charles Musgrove would be a great dad. He seems to be pretty laid-back and also the kind of guy who knows that boys, particularly country boys are not drawing room ready right out of the chute.



I think that Frederick would probably be a good father. As a captain in the navy he would have had a few boys (servants and midshipmen) around and be used to their antics –>.


Mr Elliot would be the stereotypical rich father who ignores his kids unless they embarrass him either by getting caught committing a crime or … I’m having a hard time figuring something that WOULD get his attention.

So, who amongst Austen men would you vote the Father’s Day winner, and why?

For the heck of it, what would you give your favorite Austen father? I know, books for Mr Bennet, a neti pot for Mr Woodhouse, and another dog for Sir John Middleton. Which are the techy dads? Sporty dads? Lay-in-the-hammock-after-mowing dad?



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