I Had to Laugh … I Finally Tossed Them Out

I think I’ve written that I am cheap. Not thrifty, frugal, or economical: CHEAP. Cheapness is a two-edged sword, and I have made my fair share of cheap-based mistakes. However, more often than not, I suss out what I think are bargains and they mostly turn out to be so.

That being said, I am finding that life is too short to live with things you hate, or use products that just sort of work. With age I am more willing to ditch something that bugs me. A few weeks ago I dumped out 12 supplement tablets. The taste they left in my mouth was shiver inducing and since I had gagged down the other 108, I just wasn’t going to make myself finish the bottle.

I see some of you rolling your eyes. Well, there are others out there nodding their heads in agreement.



I did it again today. I use artificial sweetener in my tea and coffee. I usually use store brand saccharin in pink packets, but a few weeks ago bought a stevia-based sweetener. I should have known something was up when they came in Mr. Yuck green packets. For weeks now I’ve been gagging it down, many times using plain sugar instead. As that completely defeats the purpose of artificial sweetener, and the blows up the illusion I am watching my weight, I decided it was time to jettison the stevia stuff.

I felt a certain freedom when I dropped the remaining 10 packets in the trash.

So boys and girls, what do you do lately that goes against your natural inclination? Tossing away perfectly good foodie-approved morsels you dropped a bunch of money on just because you hate the taste? Getting rid of clothing with lots of wear left because you finally can admit you hate the person who gave it to you? Maybe you have quit watching that popular show because you now realize all your friends have really lousy taste in comedy?

As always, keep it clean.




4 thoughts on “I Had to Laugh … I Finally Tossed Them Out

  1. faith hope & cherrytea

    that sense of freedom that comes from parting with the stuff is empowering –
    just wishing it was easier to come by! i’ve got other people’s belongings in my space that really need to be ‘released’ and getting it into the car to drop off at the charity shop will be a positive step!
    in fact, they sweeten the deal by offering a coupon for money off your future purchase just by donating =) yep. how sweet it could be…


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Oh yeah, other peoples’ junk is an issue I haven’t dealt with yet. We have quite a lot of room here at Casa la Tulies so it doesn’t encroach on my living space. Or my head space. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Laura Hile

    I very much want to like stevia sweetener. But like you, I can’t seem to get past the bitter aftertaste.

    Good for you for sending those packets where they belong. Only the most dedicated cheapsters—of whom I am chief! —continue to use a sweetener that isn’t sweet. 😀


  3. Robin Helm

    I like the stevia sweetners, and that’s all I use in hot drinks now. I do have to use more of them than the pink, yellow, or blue brands, but I feel better. I notice more of an aftertaste with the other sweetners. I’ve tried different brands of the stevia and found several that I like.

    I’ve been working on de-junking for about a year now, and it’s time for my summer haul to Christian services or the trash dump. We have entirely too much stuff around here.



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