Sisterhood of the Traveling Books (Episode 12)

July is Stay-Home-And-Write month for me, and camping is Camp NaNoWriMo. So the only traveling I’m doing these days is running errands. At 91 degrees and sunny, we webfoots are wilting in the heat today. Yes, we are that pathetic.

So let's go to Peet's Coffee, conveniently located in Fred Meyer.

We’re off to Peet’s Coffee, conveniently located in Fred Meyer. Note that I took this when the light was red.

Everybody knows Freddy's. So in we go.

Everybody knows Freddy’s. So in we go.

Hanging out at a trendy coffee house is part of the writerly vibe, right? Except I live in a suburb of Portland, some distance from trendy NW 23rd and its hipster haunts. What can I say? One does what one can.

Fred Meyer is a Pacific Northwest institution, home of one-stop shopping. It’s still the best place to buy reasonably-priced organic produce and health food products. And clothes. And gardening supplies. And home decor items. And home electronics. And school supplies. And…everything.

And here is Peet’s Coffee, tucked in behind the produce department. Fred Meyer also has a supervised childcare area. That’s right, drop the tots and shop! A quiet cuppa alone, even for ten minutes, brings joy to a busy mom.

Come in and have a seat! the sign says. Wonderful idea!

“Come in and have a seat!” the sign says. Wonderful idea!

Peet’s lacks the Starbucks vibe, but it serves up good coffee. Hey, next time I’ll take you on a tour of all the Starbucks locations within a one-mile radius of my house. There are, like, at least five.

Sincerely Yours by our own Robin Helm

Sincerely Yours by Robin Helm

My Kindle Fire has all the books I need, including Robin Helm’s newest release. It’s like a library in my purse!

I do love Robin’s beautiful cover, even if it’s hard to see in this shot. Time slides sideways in this Pride and Prejudice variation, which explains the face on the clock.

I also like Fred Meyer because two of my three sons work here. One in management, the other in Home Electronics while pursuing graduate school.

While sitting here, I remembered I needed apples and avacados.

Handy location, right? While sitting here, I remembered that we needed apples and avocados.

Hey, thanks for coming along this afternoon! Next time, we’ll do the Starbucks tour! Or Voodoo Doughnuts. Or (thank you, Susan Kaye!) the Greyhound bus depot.


9 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Books (Episode 12)

  1. Robin Helm

    Thanks for the shout out. I see you upgraded your Kindle. I love seeing the book covers in color on my smartphone app.

    I like this post about your town. I’ve been thinking of doing the same with downtown Lancaster. It’s more historic than trendy. Ready for some 200 year old statues?


  2. Laura Hile Post author

    As in most suburban places, one’s “town” is determined by freeway exits used most often. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Robin. I’d love to see your statues. And that gives me an IDEA. Because Portland has artwork, particularly downtown.

    As Susan Kaye has said, too bad the Church of Elvis has closed down. It was quite the dive of a shrine.

    And another IDEA. Voodoo Doughnuts! Another Portland must-see.

    Many Stay-cation possibilities, yes.


  3. Susan Kaye

    Oh yes, Voodoo Doughnuts. My hubs place of work used to get them by the 5 gallon buckets–that’s how they deliver them to large businesses–but now they are on a force-the-workforce-to-eat-healthy and are offering apples at large info meetings.

    Laura! Two words: Greyhound Station!!!


  4. Robin Helm

    The Church of Elvis? Seriously? I am actually chortling – and readers think people don’t do that.

    Voodoo Doughnuts and Greyhound Station sound like a match made in heaven.


    1. Laura Hile Post author

      Yes, ma’am, you read that right. The 24-Hour Church of Elvis. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. And here Yelp relates the unhappy news (with pictures from its past) of its closure.


  5. Susan Kaye

    I know the phrase, “Keep ______ Weird” is all over the country, probably the world. But, Portland has a real dedication to making Weird the predominate culture.



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