I Had to Laugh … Cloud Cuckoo Land (More Clouds)

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From Wikipedia: “Cloud Cuckoo Land refers to an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect.” That is an apt description of Hollywood.


The latest fracas is about someone hacking into the iPhoneCuoco accounts of mostly female stars and stealing nude pictures of them to sell on the Interwebs. It’s been done before.  Scarlett Johansson had all her accounts hacked a few years ago. And I’m sure it’s been done to death but most keep quiet. Until a biggie like this happens and you can add your voice to a significant chorus.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize with people whose privacy is breached. No one should have anything stolen from them, but we live in an imperfect world and thieves gonna steal. Making it worse is the notion that because something is incorporeal, it has little value and therefore safe. This is the reasoning behind lax attitudes about book piracy. The sad truth is, information is king these days, so, your pixel are fair game.

I think it interesting that it’s nude pictures causing all the stir.

The simple answer is not to allow nude pics of yourself to be taken, or not to take nude selfies. With the technology we have today, you can’t control what others do on the sly. When you have a great camera that can show you every curve, people are going to use them with the intention of deleting. But, the phone rings in the midst of the private photo shoot, you talk a while, feed the cat, and then remember Game of Thrones is on! Pretty soon the nude selfie is pushed back in the queue by cat pics, kid pics, and pics of some great shoes you just have to have. Life happens and soon the pics go to the cloud and float there.

Over a decade ago, the women’s group at my church had an evening of sex. No, not like that. The women in leadership agreed to hold a Q&A for the women of the church about sex. No question was off limits. The question of couples video taping themselves having sex came up. (Yes, it was so long ago that iPhones and DVDs weren’t even in the picture.) Eventually, it came down to, what a couple does in the privacy of their marriage bed is up to them. If they are in agreement, anything goes. BUT, if you engage in homegrown stag films, there are images to consider and safeguard.

I think all of us are going to have a lot of surprises cleaning out the houses and computers of our parents and/or elderly relatives when they pass away. And I think our kids will be equally shocked when they have to do it for us.

The problems presented by our technology are many and we do have to deal with them. There are lots of pictures out there, some are selfies and others are pics taken without our knowledge, that are going to haunt us. This latest breach of confidence is only the tip of the iceberg. We don’t live in Cloud Cuckoo Land where everything is perfect. Maybe the solution is low tech: Polaroids and a safe deposit box.

Take care–Sue

UPDATE: I see there are now more “attacks” and attempted hacks. Denise Richards is posting that she has received numerous emails requesting her password and that dire things will happen if she doesn’t confirm. I receive those all the time. Se congratulates herself on deleting them. Those are phishing spam. I get them all the time and I can guarantee you there are no nude pics of me ANYONE wants to see. Or can see. They don’t exist.

The Web is a wild and woolie place. I get the feeling bunches of us are like characters from B&W Westerns; upright, proper Bostonian matrons coming west and stunned to find things a little different than they read in the papers. Throwing in a little Darcy: “You’ll find the society quite savage.”

Gotta strap on a metaphoric six-shooter, folks, there’s a lotta snakes out here!






2 thoughts on “I Had to Laugh … Cloud Cuckoo Land (More Clouds)

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      Stupid or not, people do it. since the technology makes it so accessible and so simple, people put little or no thought into the consequences. Count the cost.



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