My un-sorry hired help

Can you blame me? It's like prison in that purse.

Can you blame me? It’s like prison in that purse. Let me out! Let me out!

I write historical fiction but I live in an age of automation. Which is absolutely wonderful because…

I don’t have to deal with the drama that comes with hired help. Or so I thought.

Because I DO have hired help. It’s just that my workers are not human.

Electronic gadgets are supposed to be “seen and not heard,” right? Lately mine have been letting me down.

Are they sorry for the trouble they cause? Ha, not on your life.

And I lose my work. Sigh.

Like it’s MY fault that Laura loses her work?

Today I’m sharing caught-in-the-act photos. A furry friend would be more trouble, but his “I’m sorry” picture is so much cuter.

See me rock the adorable vibe.

Ha, see me rock the adorable vibe.

But hey, I'm like 50 years old. (and I'm not THIS far off)p

But hey, I’m, like, 50 years old.
(And no way am I THIS far off.)

Not every cute pet is sorry...

Ah, but not every cute pet is sorry


7 thoughts on “My un-sorry hired help

  1. Robin Helm

    Technology hates me, but all old-fashioned machinery hates me, too. It’s a wonder that I can drive a car (thought Gayle can tell you I would be perpetually lost without a GPS.)


    1. Laura Hile Post author

      I am too cheap to buy a GPS, ha. Was this the best decision? Probably not, as my “un-smart” pocket-dialing renegade texting phone proves.

      I knew I shouldn’t have picked pink. Girly-looking appliances and I do not usually get along.


  2. Susan Kaye

    I’ve been fiddling with all my mom’s technology. GAH!! Even if I were to bother with the apology cards, you couldn’t put them where children could read them.



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