A one-trick pony meets a new plot arc

Photo Credit: Nicky Reyes (Creative Commons)

Photo Credit: anyjazz65
(Creative Commons)

That’s me, a One-Trick-Pony writer. Meaning that I am skilled in only one style, namely, lighthearted historical romance.

And it’s time to change that up. That’s been my struggle with drafting a new Mercy’s Embrace novel. Elizabeth and Admiral McGillvary are together—hooray! But happily-ever-after does not a story make.

So for this year’s NaNoWriMo I’m going for lighthearted gothic. And mystery. And thriller-adventure. And, yes, romance too. Because after all, this is Elizabeth and Patrick.

Photo Credit: BdwayDiva1 (Creative Commons)

A gothic rose?
Oh, the drama!
Photo Credit: BdwayDiva1 (Creative Commons)

“It’s only a draft” I’ll be telling myself as I write. But after a long hiatus—can it be five years? —it will be wonderful to work with these beloved characters again. And a few new ones, like Ronan McGillvary’s villainous mother, the Contessa.

If all goes well, a new Mercy’s novel will be in the works. It’s about time, right? And then I won’t be a One-Trick-Pony writer any more.

I’m in for one intense month. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “A one-trick pony meets a new plot arc

  1. Susan Kaye

    I think most writers are one trick ponies. Even when a writer crosses genres you tend to see the same themes playing out in their various stories and characters. Good luck Nanoing.


  2. Robin Helm

    I’m looking forward to reading it, Laura, though I wouldn’t call you a one-trick pony. Your Darcy by Any Other Name is not light romance by any means.



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