Don’t mess with Veterans Day!

My daughter, former Navy nurse Mandy, her husband Capt. Jon Cook, and their daughter, Charlie, in Iwakuni, Japan

My daughter, former Navy nurse Mandy, her husband Capt. Jon Cook, and their daughter, Charlie, in Iwakuni, Japan

Today is one of our most solemn holidays – Veterans Day. We remember our past and present veterans, and we think of all those who gave their lives for our freedom. Many others, who survived battle conditions, returned home irreparably scarred, both physically and mentally, by their experiences.

Someone, I have no idea who, also decided to make November 11 Singles Day. There are 365 days in the year. Why would anyone select a day set aside to honor our military and change it to a day to encourage single people to buy things for themselves in order to make them happier? What’s next? Married Day? Aunt Day? Uncle Day? Not Married but Living Together Day? Engaged Day? Friends With Benefits Day?

I’m one who thinks that three days a year to be patriotic isn’t asking too much of the populace. We have July 4th, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. If you want a Singles Day, put it on a different day. Valentine’s Day comes to mind.

Thank you, veterans, for your past and present service! I particularly remember my daughter, her husband, our own Susan Kaye, my uncles, and my brothers for their service.


6 thoughts on “Don’t mess with Veterans Day!

  1. Susan Kaye

    After Salon’s nasty opinion piece on Veteran’s Day, I think we should enjoy it while we can. The malcontents who hate anyone clelbrated for anything but their vision of the perfect PC life are reenergizing and I’m sure the infection will spread. The world cycles and veterans have been enjoying too much good press for too long by some people’s measure.

    I’m sure if we begin to dig around, we would find that some legislative body–they are the ones who declare “XXX Day” to be so–has declared it After to be something much fouler than Singles Day. Heck, somewhere it might just be Triple X Day with coupons off the purchase of certain videos and other related items. Maybe if the first 50 Shades movie catches on–releasing around Valentine’s Day–they can release the second one the next on Veteran’s Day 2015. Show your DD214 (discharge papers)and get in for half off.

    Never mind. For those of you who served, thank you. For those of you who lost someone who served, my deepest thanks.


  2. Laura Hile

    Single vets will have reason to rejoice. Others not so much…

    Thanks for sharing the photo of your family. I daresay many of the malcontents have no friends or family serving in the military. It’s always “those other people.” Sad, because what military training has done for so many of my students is a lot.



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