The Best Kind of Christmas Gift

Frederick Wentworth, Captain NONE BUT YOU FOR YOU ALONE

Frederick Wentworth, Captain

Yesterday, I received a lovely surprise in the mail: the two books in Susan Kaye’s Frederick Wentworth, Captain series, None But You and For You Alone with a beautiful Christmas card. Because she and Laura Hile live on the west coast and I am in the southeast, we have never met, though we hope to correct that grave circumstance next summer.

The best kind of Christmas present is an unexpected gift and, at the same time, something a person will cherish. I have Susan’s books on Kindle, but I didn’t have print copies. There’s just something wonderful about holding that weight in your hand, turning the pages as you read, and marking the spot for your return when you must get something else done. I read these books several years ago, and I’m looking forward to enjoying them again before the new year.

Susan and Laura will laugh at me, but I enjoy their Persuasion variations more than the original Austen. Susan’s characters are developed more to my taste, and Laura makes a minor character, Elizabeth Elliot, the main character of her three Mercy’s Embrace books.

If you have a reader on your Christmas list, consider giving her (or him) copies of these books. You really should buy the series, though; otherwise the recipient will simply have to buy the other books herself.

Thank you so much, Susan, for your thoughtful gift!


7 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Christmas Gift

  1. Susan Kaye

    Thank you, Robin. And thank you for not mentioning I told you I would send them a couple of months ago. Huh, I guess I just did. Anyway, yeah! the books are great. Buy them for friends. Or even people you don’t like because there are some awkward phrasings here and there that will drive some readers crazy.

    Thanks again, Robin.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Was is that long ago? My memory is so bad now. The good thing about a bad memory is that I get to enjoy things over and over again because I’ve forgotten how good they were the first time. Ha!


  2. Laura Hile

    I love Susan Kaye’s books! My post-Christmas train journey to California (28 hours, a sightseeing train!) should be consumed by editing work. But now I’m tempted to reread Frederick Wentworth, Captain just for the joy of it.


  3. Sophia Rose

    LOL, Robin! I had some similar thoughts when I read these books. I loved knowing what Captain Wentworth was thinking while Anne was doing her thing in Persuasion and it was fun having my opinion altered about Miss Elliott. They are nice Christmas pressies.



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