Susan Kaye

December 28, 2014

This Christmas, while wonderful, was marred in many ways by pain and suffering. Both personally and nationally.

Taking down the red and green here on Jane Started It!, and putting up something homey and comforting seemed fitting.

How about you? Are you ready to tuck away the tinsel and get on with the new year?



5 thoughts on “I took the decorations down early …

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I’m sorry. If a person loves the holidays and doesn’t decorate, it’s definitely one of those years. I am ever the Scrooge in the family, but I think I put on a good face this year.

      Next year will be better.


  1. Laura Hile

    Love this look, thanks so much!

    My decorations went up late (in an abbreviated format) and will come down right after I get home, probably on the 4th. Then I will ride the “new year, new goals” wave for January.

    So by February the newness fizz will be gone, but hey, I will have accomplished a few things. Looking forward to 2015.


  2. Jackie

    I have been “tucking away” the Christmas cookies, not the decorations. Procrastinating till after the New Year when of course I will be organized and abstemious. Perfect in every way.


  3. Susan Kaye Post author

    Good on you, Jackie! Perfection is a great goal. I shoot for modestly appropriate progress and usually miss that.



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