The Prayer of a Young Girl

Katherine_HeiglSorry I’m late posting. Real life reared it’s ugly head. Speaking of real life, I saw an article about Katherine Heigl who as a young teen she prayed that God would give her big boobs.

Now, to me, big boobs are usually high-ranking, elected officials but for our purposes I’ll go with Ms. Heigl’s.

After many cease their laughing at such nonsense, secure in the knowledge that there is no God, and that even if there is, there are far more pressing issues. While it’s true this old world groans under the weight of human events, my belief is that He’s infinite and may do as He chooses in individual cases.

I’ve never personally prayed for such enhancements. When I was young, I was all about the “thigh gap.” I  actually had one back then. I don’t anymore so it’s probably a good thing I was young in the 70s and not now. I have heard that the thigh gap was a thing last year, but not this year. It figures that I am once again behind the fashion curve.

Anyway, I thought how this confession would probably touch a lot of young women. I’m sure even young, flat-chested atheists have hoped a deity would hear and answer their prayers. After all, if suddenly things did shift a bit, they wouldn’t have to tell anyone about the prayer and could merely revel in filling out.

So, no matter in who or what you may or may not believe, I have composed a prayer I think will do.

My tiny boobies** make me weep.
So as I lay me down to sleep,
Give me big ones in their stead,
So my prom I will not dread.

Obviously I am a prose writer.

Have you ever prayed for something you later thought was a little out there? Just put it in the comments box. No one ever reads this thing, it’ll be just between us.

**I really dislike this word, but I am a showoff and wanted more to write the poem than to avoid using certain wording. Ego you know.


2 thoughts on “The Prayer of a Young Girl

  1. Gayle Mills

    When I was six or seven, my dog, Spot, was flattened in the highway by a speeding teenager. I remember standing in the bedroom I shared with my sisters, tears running down my face, asking God to heal him. I prayed fervently, believing God would answer my prayer. He did. He said no. Maybe Katherine Heigl enjoyed a closer relationship with God than I had as a child, but I doubt it. I think she was genetically predisposed to have big boobs.

    Why would I think that God didn’t specifically increase Katherine’s assets? For the same reason God didn’t heal my dog. I was praying for me, for what I wanted. So was Heigl. I should have been praying that God would comfort my heart and enable me to be a comfort to my two younger sisters who were also distraught that our sweet doggie was lying in the road, dying from his injuries. I could have asked God to end the suffering of that poor puppy, but I didn’t do that either. My prayer was all about me. Like Heigl’s prayer was all about her.

    I think God often doesn’t give us what we ask for because we ask for the wrong thing or we ask with the wrong motive. We ask Him to heal our sickness without asking Him to heal the sin sickness in our hearts. We ask for that job we want without asking if that’s where God wants us to be. We ask for financial blessings without asking God to make us good stewards of the blessings He has already entrusted to us.

    I may be old, but God is still making me. I want to get to the place in my Christian walk that I can just look to heaven and thank God for the difficulties I face because I know that He’s allowed them in my life and I trust His heart to have a purpose in the pain that will bring me into a closer relationship with Him. Ultimately I want it all to bring honor and glory to the one that is worthy.

    I’m OK with the knowledge that Heigl got the boobs she prayed for. I just wish she was on the “outs” with Hollywood because of the moral stand she was taking for God instead of being an arrogant jerk to the people she works with. Maybe she should ask God for the humility required to conduct a serious self-examination in order to salvage a career that could be used by Him for her good and His glory.


    1. Robin Helm

      When Spot died, I think I chose not to love another animal as much ever again. I like our pups, but I don’t love them like I did that sweet puppy. I didn’t blame that on God. That was my decision. I also didn’t blame God that Spot died. The teenager ran over our dog, not God. We have free will.

      Would Katherine have blamed God had she not grown those significant assets?



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