Spring Fever? Not.

Who knew?

Aren’t they cute? Ah, but who knew?

So last Sunday our nursery coordinator was in a fix. Both teachers for the three-year-olds were suddenly sick; could I fill in? Like, right now? I didn’t even stop to think. Teaching children is one of the things I do best, and being the coordinator of anything is what I do worst. I pity and admire those who take leadership roles, and besides, she was kind of desperate. What else could I say but yes? No lesson preparation, no time to think, no nothing. Dive in and teach, that’s what I do.

What I forgot was that I was stepping into a foreign germ pool. I never suspected that my hard-earned “Schoolteacher Immune System” might fail me, but it did. By Thursday morning I was laid low with the flu. My class schedule, my daily writing routine, blasted. Done. I was down for the count.

Fever Dream Facebook? That's right.

Fever Dream Facebook?

Fever, blinding headaches, and Facebook. You know fever dreams, right? Those weird combinations of images and sounds, just real enough to make you sweat. You open the front door, say, and and find people picnicking on your front steps. You look at them, they look at you. What, their expressions say. And then you realize that this isn’t your house. Stuff like that. And worse, because this time my fever dreams included Facebook. Yes, “The Internet is Forever” Facebook. Weird posts, made by me. Even weirder comments, some from characters in my novel. Tell you what, I had some panicked moments in the middle of the night.

But maybe the Facebook thing is a mark of progress? My word for the year is ENGAGE, and I’ve been trying to do that on social media. Learn how to connect, how to become part of a community, how put myself out there. I would not have given myself high marks so far. But if Facebook has worked its way into my subconscious mind, to the point that when I am ill I dream about it, maybe–just maybe–I’m getting somewhere? What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Spring Fever? Not.

  1. Gayle Mills

    Did you write it all down when you waked up? Are you sure you were taking the right meds? I’m glad you’re better. Nothing like the flu to make you appreciate feeling well enough to go to school.


  2. Laura Hile Post author

    No meds, only water and broth and rest. And Nyquil. 🙂

    As for writing it down, you must be desperate for another chapter. Well enough to go to school is a wonderful thing after the flu, yes. Presidents’ Day Weekend is a-coming, sister. Keep the faith. Chin up!

    Besides, you all finish school a month before we do. Onward!


    1. Gayle Mills

      We have next Monday off; of course, we had to do two “flex”days to get it (7:45 AM – 6:30 PM). I’m going to do something I rarely do and take Friday off, too. I’m looking forward to a nice, loooong weekend. Hope your week goes well and you continue to heal.


  3. Robin Helm

    I’m impressed, Gayle. You’re taking a day off just to do it? Wow! It’s about time.

    I loved your new chapter, Laura. I can’t wait to see where you’re taking Darcy By Any Other Name. Being sick obviously hasn’t hurt your writing.


  4. Laura Hile Post author

    That Chapter 30 is a testimony to the power of writing 500 words daily (well, except when I have the flu, everything gets ditched then!) Many weeks of work, word by word and piece by piece, are going into the jigsaw puzzle that is the ending.

    Then too, I must out-maneuver smart readers like you, who make good guesses.

    Why read derivative fiction if you can guess the ending, right? So I must think of surprise twists. 🙂


    1. Robin Helm

      That’s exactly what I did. Yes, the ending will be the same, but I threw a few wrenches in the works along the way. BTW, I still can’t guess your ending, so don’t worry about that. You know I’d love to see them go back to their own bodies, but I’m not counting on it.

      I’m excited for both of us to be finishing our books!



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