What language shall I borrow?

Photo: Trish Hamme

Photo: Trish Hamme (Creative Commons Flickr)

Words should multiply and flow—that’s the nature of the writer. And yet on this Good Friday, I find myself struck silent at the power of God’s grace and love, and at the salvation He so freely offers to all.

I was not raised in a Christian family, so it was not until I was in college that I encountered O Sacred Head, Now Wounded as recorded by Amy Grant. This Christian Passion hymn has been translated into at least two hundred languages, and it is as eloquent today as when it was first penned.

Won’t you take a moment to listen? This acapella version is still my favorite.


3 thoughts on “What language shall I borrow?

  1. Gayle Mills

    I know exactly what you mean. I couldn’t make myself go see Passion of the Christ. I’ve owned it on DVD since it came out, and I have yet to watch it. Just can’t. Christ suffered more than we can imagine, and He did it for me.


      1. Robin Helm

        I saw it with my high schoolers. Nobody made a sound. Some thought it was too graphic, but I know it didn’t show how bad it actually was. I don’t want to watch it over and over, but I’m glad I saw it once.

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