And she kept writing…

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

~ Inscription, New York City Post Office, adapted from Herodotus

Forever Yours Kindle

This week we’re celebrating Robin Helm’s release of the final book in her Yours By Design trilogy. To finish a series is a tremendous accomplishment. That’s three books in less than two years.

“Good. Now I can die.” That’s what I said when I finished writing the last Mercy’s Embrace book after what, eight summers? There is pressure on the writer of a series, oh yes.

Robin will not tell you, but Real Life did not exactly stop while Good Darcy and Evil Darcy came to life on the page.

  • Her eldest daughter married, left the service, moved to Japan, and a year later gave birth to an adorable granddaughter. Robin took ‘the trip of a lifetime’ to visit. And she kept writing.
  • Robin had five (that’s 5) part-time jobs. (Now I think she has only four.) Talk about keeping the musician and teacher plates spinning! And she kept writing.
  • She survived a massive clutter purge at home, the retrofitting of the upstairs apartment for her younger daughter, and new flooring throughout her house. And she kept writing.
  • Together with Gayle Mills and Stephanie Hamm, she helped plan, launch, and maintain the free fiction site Beyond Austen. And she kept writing.
  • At summer’s end Robin and her younger daughter (then newly-engaged) planned the wedding down to every detail. And she kept writing.
  • Football entered her life. Did she miss even one home game when her future son-in-law was playing? I don’t think so. And she kept writing.
  • Her beloved brother became ill and went home to be with the Lord. Another of her sisters is courageously battling cancer. Robin was (and is) there for them. Her sorrow is not without hope, but there is grief. And she kept writing.
  • She kept writing, even while designing the covers herself, working with beta readers and editors, and treading the labyrinth of print and ebook formatting. She. kept. writing.

“Writing a book is an endurance contest, and a war fought against yourself, because writing is beastly hard work which one would just as soon not do. It’s also a job, however, and if you want to get paid, you have to work. Life is cruel that way.”

~ Tom Clancy

Too often my own writing work is stalled by the demands of Real Life, so to see Robin’s accomplishment makes me want to stand and cheer. An endurance contest indeed. Well done, my friend, well done.

To celebrate, we’re hosting a book giveaway here at Jane Started It.To enter, simply post a comment here by May 11, 2015.

Robin isn’t content to rest on her laurels. So she’s published six books in a span of 15 months, what of it? She’s already at work outlining her next series, a young adult trilogy called Prodigy. Go, Robin!


6 thoughts on “And she kept writing…

    1. Robin Helm

      And you, Gayle, are really great at keeping me going. Your comments while you beta and our idea brainstorming help me more than you know. Both of my sisters inspire me. I don’t think you’d ever let me quit.

      Laura, you are a constant encouragement. It humbles me to think you view me in this way.

      Also, shout out to Wendi Sotis, M.K. Baxley, and Stephanie Hamm, The League of Extraordinary Betas. Wendi deserves a medal for doing my formatting for e-books.



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