My Hair Raising Life

Laura and Sue have been posting pictures of their hairstyles in their younger days, so I decided to join the party. It was too diffcult to choose just one ridiculous picture, so I decided to entertain you with my life history in hair.
baby I was born in 1954. By the time I was eighteen months old, mother was putting my hair in pincurls for church. That hurt!







The late ’60s and early ’70s were much kinder. Long, straight hair was “in,” and I had – you guessed it – long, straight hair. That’s my high school graduation picture.

For my wedding in 1976, I didn’t do anything special. I had cut my hair to lose a bad perm, and I just let it grow straight to my shoulders. I did have the “Farrah Fawcett wings” for bangs.
Marriage and college graduation called for a haircut. I was just too busy to mess with it.
Robin Mandy

By the time Mandy was born in 1981, I had adopted a pageboy for my twenties.


Curly hair was required for my thirties, so I went back to perms.








Happy days! Perms were out by the time I hit my forties. I gladly went back to straight hair.  For my fifties, I cut my hair very short. Those are my daughters. We were dressed up for a dinner cruise.



And just because I can, I’m posting Gayle’s college graduation picture. What a beauty! I never had the patience to do my hair in the Mary Tyler Moore Flip. My hair was so fine, it just fell out anyway.


2 thoughts on “My Hair Raising Life

    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Thanks so much! I think my motto for my life has become, “Simplify, simplify.” Sounds a little like Thoreau, though I won’t be squatting by any ponds.



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