Inching towards the door


Barbara, Gayle, Pamela, Robin and Sue hope you get well soon, Laura. You’ve got writing to do and lounging around in the hospital is indulging that procrastination bug a lee-tle too much. (Frankly, it makes you look needy.) PMS @->–>—

My previous post was purposely cryptic. I wasn’t free to blab. Heck, I didn’t know enough TO blab. But, here’s the skinny: Laura HIle was taken to the hospital Saturday with severe pain and everything indicating an infection.

Yup, it was an infection that landed her in the ICU for several days.Things are much better now. She’s out from under all the beeping machines and never-ending light to the relative peace and calm of a regular room.

Her husband said she’s weak and is not sleeping well so again, prayers and good thoughts for Laura and her family are appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Inching towards the door

  1. C. Allyn Pierson

    Sorry Laura is ill…prayers, good thoughts, and happy wishes coming. Having spent some time in ICUs (not as a patient…) I think I would describe the machines as “bleeping machines”…you may interpret that however you wish! Hope Laura feels better soon!


  2. Gayle Mills

    Praying for your speedy recovery, Laura. It just isn’t the same without you. You can’t lie around in that hospital gown too much longer. What would Patrick McGillvary think if he caught a glimpse of THAT? And, heavens, I hate to think what Sir Walter would make of that? The hospital smells alone would put him right over the edge. And, you know, there are no convenient mirrors in the hallways.



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