Summer Sojourns

We’re very close to the end of school, and I know many of you are planning your vacations.


I found a list of the ten best historic Southern attractions, and you can vote for your favorite HERE. I voted for Mount Vernon, though Monticello was a close second with me. I felt that seeing the homes of U.S. Presidents Washington and Jefferson taught me a great deal about their personalities.

For instance, Washington continued to add rooms to his house because he loved company. I think one of his “guests” stayed five years!


President Jefferson was the opposite in that respect. His home showed his love for inventions and music. He also placed a high value on his privacy. There were no guest rooms in his house. Guests stayed in small buildings a little distance from the main house. I can’t imagine anyone staying five years in one of those cabins. I would imagine that’s why he built them; he didn’t really want guests.

Other sites on the list were 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama; The Alamo; Angel Oak Tree in John’s Island, S.C.; Appomattox Court House; Arlington National Cemetery (Robert E. Lee’s home on that site); Colonial Williamsburg; Dexter Parsonage Museum in Montgomery, Alabama; Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama; Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston, S.C.; Fort-SumterGraceland; Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park; Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida; Little Rock Central High School; Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee; Manassas National Battlefield Park; Montpelier in Orange, Virginia; Natchez-Trace Parkway; and the University of Virginia.

Arlington National Cemetery

I’ve been to Mount Vernon, Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Sumter, and St. Augustine, and they are all wonderful places to visit. I live in an area which is rich with monuments honoring Civil War heroes and battlefields, so I have very little desire to visit more of those. I also care nothing for seeing Elvis Pressley’s home.


I’m staying home most of the summer, but it will be neither quiet nor boring. My elder daughter and granddaughter are coming from Japan on June 10th to stay for a month and be in my younger daughter’s wedding (June 27th), so I’ll have plenty to do. We may take a short visit to Myrtle Beach.

My younger daughter and her fiance will likely move soon after they wed. My husband and I will help her with that move as her new husband will probably already be there.

What are  your summer plans?

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About Robin Helm

Robin Helm's latest work is Understanding Elizabeth, a stand-alone Regency Romance. She joined three other JAFF authors for a best selling Christmas anthology - A Very Austen Christmas. After publishing all three volumes of The Guardian Trilogy: Guardian, SoulFire, and Legacy, she published the Yours by Design Series: Accidentally Yours, Sincerely Yours, and Forever Yours. She and her husband have two adult daughters, two sons-in-law, two granddaughters, a grandson, and a Yorkie Poo named Toby.

8 thoughts on “Summer Sojourns

  1. Susan Kaye

    We will be lucky to get to the beach once this year. Too tiring to think about planning a trip and then executing it. Have a good time with your daughters!


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Thanks, Sue. After the wedding, my girls will live closer to you than they will to me. Once they leave, it will be a long time before I see them again.


  2. Stephanie Mudd Carrico

    This year is an epic road trip, my oldest son graduates on May 17, turns 18 on May 29 and we are getting in the car and driving to California. His multi-gift is a 2 week trip to see many states along the way.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      That sounds like fun! I used to travel with a quartet, and we drove all over the country (mainly the Eastern side). It was great.

      I may have to do that next summer – though I’ll probably fly the first part of the journey. Where are you going in California?


        1. Robin Helm Post author

          I went to San Diego when my daughter was stationed there. That was the first time I saw the Pacific. Other than that, I’ve seen it as we flew over it going to and from Japan last summer.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Yes, it was. I’m so glad that we had a chance to take those school trips together. New York was a huge adventure!



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