“We’re gonna go through it together … “

” … through thick and through thin, all out or all in, we’re gonna go through it together.”*

I don’t doodle with pen and paper anymore. I have gone digital. The photo below is my latest:


It’s a representation of how things would have been if Laura Hile hadn’t come back from the edge. I’ve known her longer than I care to tell, (but it’s measured in decades), and the hole in my life would have been significant. And as the graphic shows, it would have left a jagged tear where a friend used to be.

Memorial Day is coming and while it is a day set aside to remember those who have died in war, thinking of death is never limited to one group or category. So, do you have a jagged placed left by an untimely leaving? If you care to share, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


*From the song, Together, Wherever We Go, by Stephen Sondheim, from the play Gypsy (Lyrics here)


One thought on ““We’re gonna go through it together … “

  1. Robin Helm

    We’re having a short Memorial Day program at school tomorrow. Friday, I showed my classes a short film of my son-in-law flying his jet. I wanted it to be real to them. They loved it.



Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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