I Had to Laugh … I’ve reached THAT age

HTL_iconwhere everything is suspect.

I found a bruise on my arm Tuesday–after going specifically to a particular store so I could take advantage of the Senior Discount–that I don’t remember getting. It’s not going away so I figure it’s some sort of terminal disease creeping in.

I have had some success getting back into an abandoned manuscript. I have several stories that I have to finish. There is no good reason not to and so I am hacking away at them.

Maybe it’s the bruise/terminal illness compelling me to work and like the girl in the O Henry story, The Last Leaf, I will die when the last story is finished.

See what I mean? I’ve reached THAT age of crazy we all hope to avoid.

But tomorrow is Friday so there may be some new crazy about which to worry.


9 thoughts on “I Had to Laugh … I’ve reached THAT age

  1. Laura Hile

    Bruises, suspicion of terminal illness—hey, as motivations to write I’ll take them. Good for you for pushing ahead with your writing projects.

    Here’s a thought. Could scatty thinking lessen the death grip of our perfectionism and self-criticism? If so, bring it on. Perhaps “the best is yet to be” still applies.


    1. Laura Hile

      Hahahaha, Gayle. That would be a comedy…for the younger readers. For those of us inching toward senility, not so much.

      Even so, I smile to see my two late-twenties sons struggle to think of a word. Age comes upon us all.

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    2. Susan Kaye Post author

      I’ve toyed around with this very thing, but I get all bogged down in the seriousness of aging. Any GerRom would have to be light and fun. Save the grim reality for something else…

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  2. Robin Helm

    The Last Leaf is one of my favorite stories. I used it with a piano student to help him feel the emotion when he was playing “Autumn Leaves.” Random, I know.

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