Does God really answer prayers?

San Fran airportMy daughter, bride-to-be on June 27th, had a very tough two days this week. She flew to San Francisco on a Buddy Pass (stand-by) so that she and her fiancè could look for an apartment. The trip there was rather uneventful, but the trip back on Sunday was a true nightmare. She got up at 3:30 AM and was at the airport by 5 waiting for her flight. Though she was assured there would be vacancies on the 6:30 AM flight, there weren’t. She missed that one, and the next one, and the next. The fourth one out of San Francisco had a vacancy, and she boarded after being assured that she wouldn’t have any trouble making her 6:00 connection in Minneapolis.

Guess what? That flight was full, and so was the next one. There was one more flight out at 8 PM, and after she missed that second flight at 7, we all started praying. She was exhausted and afraid to spend the night in the airport by herself, waiting for a 7 AM which might turn out to be full as well. She kept watching the board and updating us. At 7 PM, there were 20 vacancies on that flight, and she was the number 19 standby. As the time passed, the plane filled, and there she sat, praying that a spot was open. I was so burdened that I put out a plea for prayer on Facebook, and my friends started praying that she would make it onto that flight. The flight boarded, and she sat waiting. The board said there were no vacancies, but we kept praying. Just as I was about to give up at 8:30 PM, I got a text from her saying that she was on the flight. Someone had checked into the airport for that flight, but they never went to the gate. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m convinced that it was Divine intervention. I had consistently prayed that no one would suffer in any way for her to get a seat, so I don’t think the other passenger became ill or had an accident. I think God made a way. Did an angel buy the ticket so that no one else could, and she would be able to get the seat? There were two empty seats, and had both of those passengers not shown up, the seats would have gone to a couple traveling together. Since one of the passengers came to the gate but not the other, the seat went to my daughter.


She got in at 11 PM, and her dad picked her up. They were home by midnight and went straight to bed. We had planned a short trip to Myrtle Beach for some family time (with our other daughter and granddaughter) before the wedding. We were supposed to leave yesterday morning (Monday).

We got a call at 5:22 Monday morning. Some friends of ours were keeping our two house dogs. When she let them out to go to the bathroom at 5 AM, Chloe, my daughter’s little white Maltese, bolted. My husband got out of bed and went to their house, 15 minutes away. He saw Chloe at the edge of the woods, but instead of coming to him, she ran further into the woods. By 6:30, he had called me to bring my daughter. We (along with our friends) spent the next 3 hours looking for her. My daughter and I stopped at one point in the search. I could tell she had given up, and I asked her to pray with me. I know that nothing is ever really lost. God always knows where it is, so I prayed that He would show us where Chloe was.

I thought she might come out toward the evening when it cooled off, and we could put out food and water for her. We went back home, and I kept praying. I knew she would be unlikely to live through a night in the woods. There are coyotes there, and she would be easy prey.

Chloe 193

Again, I went to my Facebook and Instagram friends. I also put it on a lost pets FB page, as well as on the Lancaster Humane Society page, and people began to share the missing dog picture all over Facebook. People I didn’t even know were looking for her. A friend of ours saw my plea and called a friend of hers who lived in the area. That friend had seen a little white dog walking down a dirt road nearby. My daughter and I had actually driven that road earlier in the day, and we knew where it was.

Chloe and Melanie

Our friend called us and told us about the sighting around 6:30 PM. My husband, my daughter, and I were driving that road again within half an hour. While we were driving, the friend who had been keeping the dogs called me. She was down that same road and had Chloe in view up in someone’s yard in the tall grass at the edge of the woods. We didn’t want to spook Chloe again, so my daughter went by herself and stopped a few feet away from her. She squatted, held out her hand, and called her pup. It was wonderful to watch Chloe creep into view and go to her “mother’s” arms.

My husband and daughter had both said they would never see Chloe again, but I never thought that. I was fresh off a prayer-warrior experience, and I knew that God would come through again.

My daughter watched God work for two days, and she will never forget it. It will strengthen her faith. She now knows, more than ever, the power of prayer. If you wonder what’s behind my daughter in that picture, it’s a pair of angel wings I have on my front porch.


8 thoughts on “Does God really answer prayers?

  1. Robin Helm Post author

    You are indeed, Laura. Without prayer, you would have likely gone into the presence of your Lord. I’m glad that He spared you to be with us a while longer. Many of us need you in our lives.

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  2. Gayle Mills

    God always hears our prayers. He doesn’t always answer the way we wanted or expected, but He always answers for our good and His glory. I am so glad for you and Melly that He chose to give us what we were asking for. Obviously, we were not praying amiss.

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    1. Robin Helm Post author

      I agree with both of you. In both of these instances, I knew, in fact, I felt very strongly that I was praying within His will. That’s how I knew God would get Mel, on the flight and we would find Chloe. I felt the urgent need to pray. This has happened to me before. When I feel that way, I know that God is working right then. It’s difficult to explain.

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  3. Stephanie Littlejohn

    Abundantly, absolutely, without question God answers prayer. Those answers are sometimes not what we’re looking for but he still answers. I have experienced that moment of sitting down and just asking for help. So glad both situations came to a successful conclusion!


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Thank you, Stephanie. I have seen more instances of answered prayer in the past week. God is really good!



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