Brittle Beauty

On the website Colossal, Art, Design, and Visual Culture there are things beautiful that will restore your faith in … something. Here are a few examples with links to the pages:


Blown glass by Kiva Ford

Glass Sea Life by Emily Williams

Glass Sea Life by Emily Williams

Sliced Glass Paintings by Loren Stump

Sliced Glass Paintings by Loren Stump

I think I’ll stay on this website for a good portion of the day. Look around and enjoy the beauty.


6 thoughts on “Brittle Beauty

    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I love watching the PBS specials showing his process with the assistants who blow the glass. How they take his hurried drawings and make them into the gorgeous creations is amazing.

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    1. Gayle Mills

      You’re right, Laura. Those moments when we view a beautiful painting or a sculpture, or hear a transcendent piece of music, we are truly transported into another realm of reality. And the way that we preserve those priceless treasures does not guarantee their permanence. A flood in an art museum, a hateful fanatic with an agenda, the ravages of time — all of those things can obliterate the art that we saw and appreciated, and that we allowed to touch us emotionally. Yet, our reaction to the art never ends. Once we’ve recorded it in our minds, it’s there. We may forget, but it’s changed us in the way we look at the world around us. I think that’s why God tells us that we are without excuse for not knowing Him. He has expressed Himself in the beauty of His creation. He calls to us in sunrises and sunsets, in the mystery of the oceans, and the sound of the wind. And He has blessed us with very special people who can give us a physical representation of the spirit of the Creator.

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    2. Susan Kaye Post author

      I’ve been watching a lot of hyper artistic foodies getting into the theory of cooking/food. At least these creations have an intended life aside from their fate if broken. Food OTOH is meant to be destroyed as soon as it’s plated.

      I also watched a PBS special about a guy who sculpted a large installation out of brown paper and cardboard. It was some of the sculptures from the Fountain of Trevi and intended to disintegrate with the summer weather. Time lapsed photography showed it over the months of summer, which was artistic in itself.

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