Front porch friends

Cokes 5 I’m still in the midst of running around, finishing up with wedding details. There is light at the end of that tunnel. I’m finally making some headway on my (second) list after finishing the first.

Dylan & Mel meet

However, friends should always find time to sit down together and visit. Gayle and Barbara, I’m still looking for you, and Pamela, please accept my apologies for calling you “Pam.” There was no “Pamela.”

I’ll post a few wedding pictures next week! Maybe then I’ll even have time to drink the Coke.

Here’s a picture of the very first time Melanie met Dylan. They were both at the Passion Conference in Atlanta.  Three-and-a-half years later, they’re getting married. #PassionSincePassion


5 thoughts on “Front porch friends

  1. Laura Hile

    Save a spot for me on your porch swing! This was to be a summer of travel for me. H’mm, my health had other ideas. Lovely to see the photo of Melanie and Dylan, and praying that on Saturday those predicted thunderstorms never materialize.


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Thanks so much, Laura. Maybe Gayle and I will make it to California next summer and we can visit then.

      Thanks for praying about the rain. Please keep it up.


  2. Susan Kaye

    So, southerners aren’t like Oregonians. We make our plans contingent upon having rain and then are pleasantly surprised if there is none.

    Keep your eyes on the light!


    1. Robin Helm Post author

      Actually, I have planned for rain. The venue already has one huge tent with a cement pad and four ceiling fans. I rented another 40′ X 80′ tent and two fans for the caterer. If it does rain, all the guests will have adequate shelter. Another good thing is that the temperature is supposed to be in the mid-80’s. We’ve have triple digit heat for the past two weeks, so 80’s will seem cool to us.


      1. Susan Kaye

        Looks like you have all the bases covered. It’s going to be hot here this weekend. high 90s or higher. We haven’t hit 100 since 2012. Should be interesting.



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