Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of an empty nest.


I worked so hard on my porches this summer before the wedding and houseful of company that it necessarily afforded that I’m eager to enjoy them now that everyone is gone. What better way to appreciate a beautiful Southern morning, cooled by a series of thunderstorms the previous night, than to have over a few friends for a chat!

I’m all set for a lovely visit with Elizabeth, Darcy, Charlotte, and Charles.

Do you have any questions for these long-time friends of ours?

Leave your queries to me, and I’ll post their answers next week.


7 thoughts on “Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of an empty nest.

  1. J "Joy" Dawn King

    Darcy: Have you given consideration to how Pemberley will feel once Georgiana has flown the nest? Does your heart long to keep her forever? Can you empathize with Mrs. Helm?

    Elizabeth: You give the impression that you long to flee your nest. Is it because of your mother or are you merely curious as to what is beyond your particular tree?

    Charles: Why have you not kicked Caroline out of the nest yet?

    Charlotte: Is 50 miles of good road enough of a distance to see the need to feather your own nest?

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  2. Robin Helm Post author

    These are wonderful questions, Joy! I love the way you kept with the “empty nest” them, and since I’m a bird (Robin), I should be able to have fun with that. Thank you!

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  3. Laura Hile

    Okay, Darcy, so explain to us why you feel the need to consume a diet drink. I realize that Jane Austen wrote you as being a proud man, but have a care. Dear Jane also wrote Sir Walter Elliot, and we all know how anxious he was to maintain his figure. Has modern fame gone to your head? Or, er, waist?

    I notice that Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Charles have no problem drinking a regular Coke. Although in the South I believe the correct beverage of choice is sweet tea. 😉


  4. Susan Kaye

    There is little better to my way of thinking than the first relaxed day after complete and utter upheaval. Even good upheaval is exhausting. Enjoy, Robin.

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