I’m living life


You’ve probably seen this summer’s Jeep Renegade commercial, featuring music by X Ambassadors.

“And I say hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades”

Images of summer living fill the screen: Wilderness. Water. Off-roading. Youth and strength and carefree fun. And then there’s that closing voiceover: “Take off and take on anything.”

This summer I’ve been doing just that: taking on anything. Or rather, lots of daily everythings. Short, tentative walks on my own. Climbing the stairs. Light house chores. And resting. (Plus becoming thoroughly sick of daytime television!)

I didn’t get the words right when I first saw this commercial (my second day home from the hospital, May 5). “Living like” in my mind became “Living life.”

And I cried a little. From my safe spot on the downstairs sofa, alone with a walker and a cane for company, I shed tears. Because I was alive, rescued by God’s grace and dedicated medical professionals from severe illness. Life is a beautiful thing.

I did not know then what the future held (setbacks from kidney surgeries), and my horizon could well have cloudy skies. But I’m living life, rebuilding health, and I am grateful.

Yesterday, another milestone. I felt well enough to finish that elusive Chapter 33 of my almost-finished novel. A victory!

I guess this means that my novel is living along with me. It feels good to make progress.

And maybe, after the book is released, I should buy a Jeep. You think? But not a hardtop. This is the rainy Pacific Northwest, so of course I must have a convertible.


14 thoughts on “I’m living life

  1. Robin Helm

    I love this, Laura. You have been through the wringer, and you’ve proved you’re permanent press. The wrinkles of life don’t make you give in to the iron of circumstances. You’ve risen above it, and that will make you better, not bitter.

    I admire you for your strength, your compassion, your kindness, and your encouragement, and I’m so glad that God left you with us for a while longer. You are salt and light.

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  2. Laura Hile Post author

    Thanks for the encouragement, Robin. Because I signed up for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo (with the lowest word count available, 10,000 words), today I opened a new file for Chapter 34 and began roughing out new ideas.

    Because I’m alive, and it’s time to be living life.

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  3. Gayle Mills

    What you’ve been through and your courage in facing it and your thankfulness in remembering it make me ashamed of my petty fretfulness at the inconveniences of the past two months. You are a treasure, Laura.

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    1. Laura Hile Post author

      Gayle, my girl, I have been petty plenty of times, and pouty and all the rest. None of us experience perfect health, so we are always having to adjust to a new reality of challenges. One thing I do know now, that health is worth fighting for.

      So I’ve dusted off the juicer and am using it–yes, for “green” juice, a thing that used to make my sons shudder–and I have become more ruthless about eating healthful food and skipping sweets. The surprise is that this isn’t hard, because I’ve felt in my own body the fight for life and I want above all to be well. This next week the challenge is to begin walking in my neighborhood…around one block to start and then gradually increasing the distance.

      As for you, I marvel at all you accomplish. How can you teach high school, perform musically, run a website, and beta read for so many authors? If I am a treasure, so are you, my friend.

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  4. Susan Kaye

    Alive is a good thing. Not as tidy as Martha Stewart would make it, I”m sure. We are pulverizers at our house. A Ninja blender and lots of cucumbers. Bill likes cucumbers and they cover the taste of seeds and stuff nicely.

    Good show on getting back to the ms.

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      1. Susan Kaye


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Why yes, we DO want a piece of your mind. ;-)

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