In Honor of Teachers


I changed the background in honor of the Ladies of JSI. Pamela Aidan, Barbara Cornthwaite, Robin Helm, Laura Hile, and Gayle now are, or have been school teachers. And since it’s that time of year when they and thousands of others go back to class, I thought a little remodel was in order.

Thank you for all your hard work, and have a great year.


5 thoughts on “In Honor of Teachers

    1. Laura Hile

      Your business right now, like mine at the end of the school year, is to rest and get well. What is it about us that we cannot give in and do that? We must keep thinking of all the things that aren’t being done? Ah, the relentlessness of the school year…

      Feel better, Gayle. We are praying for your recovery.


      1. Gayle Mills

        The truth is, the worst part of Shingles isn’t the awful lesions or the scabs or the shooting pain (OK, that’s pretty bad). The worst part is the fatigue and vertigo. Just thinking about the load of work that will greet me when I go back to school is daunting. I think I’ll go back to bed. You should, too, Laura. Rest while you can.


        1. Laura Hile

          Fatigue and vertigo have been my companions since the beginning of May. Today I walked almost a mile, without either…but it’s been four months. In the early days home from the hospital, following the plot of a movie took too much mental strength.

          Time is your friend, Gayle. A big part of your cure (like mine) will be rest. School will always be there. It’s hard thinking that you might have to be out longer than you’d like.

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  1. Robin Helm

    I started teaching again last week and had meetings the week before that. This week, I’ve begun my full schedule. I teach music at a charter school on Mondays and Fridays, and I have my private music students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. One of my school children was so excited about starting piano that she sneaked into my lap. It was a sweet surprise.

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