“So Much Novelty and Beauty … “

From The CHIVE

From The CHIVE

I was an early adopter, and dropper of Pinterest. I first stumbled on the site when it was a free-for-all. The pictures were tiny, the text was tiny, EVERYTHING  was tiny because anyone could slap something on what was the front page and anyone could say whatever they bloody well liked. Some of the pins and comments were … heated.

And then it got to be the premier curating site on the Web. And after Facebook and Twitter it is most likely the premier time suck online.

The Pinterest link above is to my own page. You can see what a laggard I am even in the area of social media. Just for ducks, I think Anne would be a Pinterest wiz. She would have board after board of beautiful and interesting things. Frederick OTOH would probably be like me and have a half-finished board of “stuff.” Nothing terribly orderly or deep, just something to kill some time until the next voyage.

I think Harville would have the most interesting board of all the Persuasionites. From Austen’s description, their little house beneath the pier in Lyme WAS a Pinterest board. I think Sophie’s boards would mostly be about travel while the Admiral might curate Boats, Badly Painted. What would Sir Walter and Elizabeth put on a Pinterest board? Lady Russell would have a private board of men she wants Anne to marry. And what about the Musgroves? Mary would have a Symptoms and Things to Watch For along with a Modern Mothering board.

How about the other H/h of Austen Fan Fiction? Darcy’s board worth searching out? Lizzie’s full of trash or treasure? Elinor Dashwood’s Handy Hints for Cottage Management perhaps.

As always, keep it clean. Some of Austen’s characters could make this less-than PG rated fast!


8 thoughts on ““So Much Novelty and Beauty … “

  1. Laura Hile

    Always you have been an early adapter, with Facebook and blogging and Pinterest. I went over at your suggestion fairly early in the game. When I tried to sign up for an account, I was notified that due to demand, no one else was able to join.

    The main reason I’m not at Pinterest is that it’s a lovely time sink. Between teaching and keeping house (sort of) and writing, I can’t afford another distraction!

    But Kitty and Lydia Bennet would all over Pinterest, oh my. Can you imagine the many pins of hats and shoes and…officers? In and out of uniform?

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  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    “hats and shoes and…officers? In and out of uniform?”

    Don’t give them–the readers–any ideas! But yes, Lydia and Kitty would be uber users of Pinterest. I’m think Caroline Bingley would be as well. And Mr. Collins would be pinning chimney pieces and staircases all the day long.

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    1. Laura Hile

      Caroline Bingley? Oh yes. She would pin photos of herself, or else of all the spendy clothes and accessories she planned to buy.

      Mr Collins? His board would be worse than a multi-level-marketing refrigerator door!

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  3. Sophia Rose

    LOL! Oh yes, Pinterest is dangerous. I have quite the host of ‘pins’ and ‘boards’. I don’t spend time in the search (any more, that is), but use it as a place to store things I use. I find it handy for sorting like idea file folders and ‘scrapbooking’ without all the physical mess and taking up of physical space.

    But yeah, I have to be oh so careful not to plunge down the rabbit hole when I go there. I could really see the Dashwoods all using it for various things. Elinor would have how tos and DIY for the cottage, Marianne would post quotes, books, and beautiful pictures. Lucy Steele would track celebrities, clothes, make-up, etc. Even Fanny would have a page, I’m sure. 😉


  4. Susan Kaye Post author

    I think Anne Elliot would have mostly pins of far away places. Even some of those Photoshopped, impossible hide away spots. And she’d have a secret board for all FW’s clippings. Sir Walter would have many showcasing the finer things, houses, cars, beauty products.


  5. Robin Helm

    I love Pinterest, though I don’t go on it often. I’ve found that I think I’ve actually accomplished something when I pin an idea. I can’t get the idea into my head that pinning it doesn’t get it done.

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