It’s a Teeny Tiny World After All

My daughter and I kid one another that there are only about 100 British actors. And that they are all related somehow.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the show, To the Manor Born. It’s not the star, Penelope Keith, or her character, Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, who is on my mind, but Audrey’s sidekick, Marjory Frobisher.


Marjory was an old school friend of Audrey’s. She was probably the only one with low enough self-esteem to hang around for the emotional drubbings meted out by the well-dressed Alpha female. As adults, Audrey has no visible means of support. Family money or a shadowy husband maybe. She is the good-enough friend who tends to go-along-to-get-along with the scheming, manipulative Audrey. In other words, Marjory is a pushover.

Peter Penry-Jones 'Colditz' (1972) 1.4

Weakness of character aside, I looked up the actress who played Marjory. Angela Thorne is best known for this particular role, was married to another actor, the late Peter Penry-Jones. Their best known production seems to be the not-hard-to-gaze-upon, Rupert Penry-Jones.

Those of you who are Austen adaptation fans will know him as the most recent Captain Frederick Wentworth.

Persuasion,Penry-Jones, Hawkins

In some ways, I think Marjory and Anne Elliot are a lot alike. The difference is that Anne eventually gets somewhat of a spine and steps forward when opportunity in the form of Frederick-at-the-concert presents. Poor Marjory never did as I recall the show.

Many posts on Austen message boards posit that all of life circles back to Pride and Prejudice, For me though, no matter where I wander, I somehow get back to Persuasion.

Now how did I get from there to here?


4 thoughts on “It’s a Teeny Tiny World After All

  1. Robin Helm

    I’m a Pride and Prejudice fan, but I don’t think all of life circles back to the book. In fact, I have a few small issues with the plot. There are some very convenient coincidences that must happen to bring Darcy and Elizabeth together, and the change in Darcy in a short amount of time is huge.

    I also have an issue or two about Persuasion. Wentworth treated Anne very badly when he returned. To me, it seemed like revenge. As character flaws go, that’s as bad as Darcy’s pride. Had I been Anne, I would have thought twice about marrying a man who was so bent on revenge that he involved himself with Louisa though he had no feelings for her.

    I like both books, and I think Austen was a genius, but the best plot I ever read was Ender’s Game.

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  2. Susan Kaye Post author

    Real life is far more complex than fiction so I don’t think that any book represents life fully so I suppose that message boards are like bumper stickers and not to be taken literally.

    We will disagree on Persuasion.

    I liked Ender’s Game but disagree with Card’s premise that when you come to understand your enemy, you come to love them. Nope.

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  3. Robin Helm

    Interesting. I disagree with that premise, too.

    Ender’s Game is the only book I’ve ever read which truly surprised me with the ending. It was brilliant. I always figure out the endings, but I never saw that one coming.


    1. Susan Kaye Post author

      I have no idea if the enemy/love theory is true for Card. I found it to be like those B&W memes with distant mountains, fog, and a single figure that say something that seems to be deep. And then you think about it.



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