Prayer request for Gayle

Healing prayerMy sister, Gayle Mills, is in the hospital. Layne (our sister) and I took her there yesterday afternoon. Her kidneys were not doing well, and the doctor kept her overnight for  more IV fluids and observation. She required oxygen last night. I’m only my way back this morning. We hope that she will be able to come home today. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your prayers.


18 thoughts on “Prayer request for Gayle

    1. Robin Helm Post author

      I’m with her now, Pam. She’s still on oxygen, and that’s a concern. Her creatinine level has dropped to 1.4, so that’s much better. She’s gone for a CT scan now.

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    1. Robin Helm Post author

      We appreciate it, Regina. They’re trying to locate the problem with her low oxygen levels. I’m confident that she’s being well cared for. I think she’s exhausted.


  1. Laura Hile

    Thank you, Robin, for the updates. I’m so glad that Gayle went in when she did. Exhaustion is not surprising, considering all she does at school, church, and with her family–both real and with her on-line “fiction pals.”

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  2. Michelle A Hemsath

    I believer the Lord is holding your sister in his arms, He is guiding the doctors to find the problem and the right correct care plan for her. I believe He is healing her and she will be whole. Hold up Robin, He is with you too. I’m adding my prayers to yours. Thank you for the updates, but take care of yourself first. Your family and your sister need you too. We understand. God Bless.

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