My dog, the midnight defender

Photo: Jessica Lyons

This is sweet, good Prince, standing in for  Goldie. Photo: Jessica Lyons

Because it’s Halloween, how about a scary story? A scary dog story?

So I think I’ve already told you that my childhood dog, Goldie, was a not the sharpest canine on the block. Nevertheless, her heart was in the right place. Well, most of the time.

Who knew what evil lurked in our backyard? She did, apparently. And one night, quite late, she broke out barking–loud, insistent barking.

Photo: John Atherton (Creative Commons Flickr)

The ballpoint pen, scourge of the neighborhood. Photo: John Atherton (Creative Commons Flickr)

There was worry in her voice–and fear. Out of his bedroom came my dad. I met him on the landing and together we ran down the stairs. Surely something terrible was going on in our backyard.

Was it a housebreaker? A coyote? A rattlesnake? A peacock? (Yes, a neighbor had peacocks. Supposedly they ate rattlesnakes.) My dad switched on the porch light.

Sure enough, on the patio Goldie had something cornered. Around and around she circled, barking all the while. Dad and I just stood there. We would have laughed or been mad or something, except that it was just so pathetic.

Our poor, worried dog had captured it, all right. An evil ballpoint pen.

Here’s hoping that your evening is fun and trick-free. Untroubled by writer’s block and bothersome ballpoint pens.


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