Wentworth Wednesday

Chapter 10, part 2

We do so wish that Charles had married Anne instead. I suppose you know he
wanted to marry Anne?”

After a moment’s pause, Captain Wentworth said–

“Do you mean that she refused him?”

“Oh! yes; certainly.”


Wentworth asked when this happened and was told events but no years or dates of any sort. He did not know how long the Charles Musgroves had been married but by the ages of the sons, it was not likely to be more than four, at the outside, five years. Anne could have been safe and cared for by a decent man, and respected by his family.

But she turned him down. Lack of love on her part? Thoughts of him perhaps.
No matter how he calculated, Frederick must give Anne credit for not escaping their engagement and leaping into a more suitable match with another man.

“Well, that is Miss Elliot’s loss. Your brother is a fine man. And while she would not have stepped up in rank, she would have improved her lot immensely.”

Louisa paused and tossed some shells into the shrubs. “Surely, yes. My brother is indeed a fine man. And, unfortunately for her, there has never been another offer. Not as far as any of us knows, anyhow.” She started back. “I hear Charles. And our cousin!”

It would seem that, perhaps, the couple had smoothed out the knots, proving it was possible.

If only both parties had the desire.

At this point, Frederick is still angry with Anne. Everything he hears rubs the sore spot. Though, that spot seems to be building up a callus. When they have opened up to one another in Bath, Frederick tells her wondered if she had thought of him when she was refusing Charles. I think that is the hope of all of us in love, that we are enough to hold them and their affection through time.

Anne and Frederick at the end of Persuasion, I’m sure, are thankful for their second chance at happiness.

At this holiday (in the U. S.), I am thankful too. Thankful for a talent and a venue to use it in. I’m also thankful for readers who give me their time when they read my stories. I can’t thank you all enough.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Take care—Susan Kaye


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